TRVNK is pronounced “trunk” like storage trunk.

At TRVNK, we love to talk about men’s fashion and style, technology, everyday carry, and cool gear!

We want to attract people who share the same tastes and style as us. However, we also want to make sure that people who find TRVNK, who are looking for information about the things we write about, only find the best, honest, and unbias information on this website for whatever they’re looking for.

What does TRVNK provide?

The goal of TRVNK is to provide in-depth, honest, and unbias product information for all things related, but not limited, to apparel, technology, everyday carry, bags, and everything fashionable in the form of Top 10 lists.

Fashion will continue to be a priority on TRVNK but we also focus on the latest tech gadgets and gear, such as recommending the best wireless earbuds for smartphones without headphone jacks (We’re looking at you iPhone 7).

We also want to make it easy for people to make a decision for such questions as: Which are the best laptop bags that are water resistant and can fit at least a 15″ MacBook Pro?

TRVNK will also be a place where we will offer my perspective on what I define as stylish, unique, and cool. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations, and you can use the contact form to send them to us.

That being said, TRVNK will continue to evolve over the years and adapt to the ever-changing trends in the world.

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