Are you looking for a compact, convenient way to transport your camera and a slew of accessories that come with it?

Nothing but the best camera bag will be up for the task, and picking one out for yourself will be a snap once you’ve read through this buyer’s guide!

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S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Canvas Leather Trim DSLR  Shockproof Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag

Best Camera Bag 2020

The main compartment in this S-Zone bag has room for a standard-sized DSLR camera with a lens attached, plus an additional lens separated with a divider which stabilizes the compartment and improves the bag’s resistance to shock. The interior is closed by zippers and secured by an additional flap. On the outside there’s a large pocket that fits various small items like a phone or journal. A couple of smaller sleeves were sewn into it as well, offering snug space for batteries, SD cards and pens.

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Below is a table of the 10 Best Camera Bag 2020. Each camera bag have been recommended for your convenience!

Camera Bag ImageCamera Bag NameLenses HeldWaterproofPrice
S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Canvas Leather Trim DSLR Shockproof Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag2Yes Check Price
Evecase DSLR Professional Camera Shoulder Holster Bagn/aNo Check Price
S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Leather Trim DSLR Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag2No Check Price
G-raphy Camera Backpack5Yes Check Price
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag3No Check Price
Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack3No Check Price
Caden Professional Fashion Multifunction DSLR SLR Camera Bag3Yes Check Price
BESTEK Waterproof Canvas DSLR Vintage Leather Camera Bag1Yes Check Price
Canon 9320A023 100ES Shoulder Bag3Water repellant Check Price
BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag2Yes Check Price
K&F Concept Multi-Functional Camera Backpack3Yes Check Price
There’s a lot more to making a decent photo than finding a subject, pointing your camera and pressing a button – the timing has to be perfect, the lighting meaningful and the right combo of camera & lens at your disposal. While the first two are more often than not out of your control, especially out in the open, being proactive and carrying the right equipment with you will make sure that you never miss an opportunity to make a truly remarkable photo once the stars align for another perfect shot.

Getting a good-quality camera bag is the obvious solution, but finding the right kind for your needs can be complicated for novices and experts alike. Should it have extra room for the lens you use from time to time? How should you carry it?

These questions and more should be on your mind when making the decision, and this guide was written to steer you in the right direction. It contains eleven reviews of camera bags which are suited for different situations, but all stand out in terms of quality and the protection they offer your gear. It’s always a good idea to get your thoughts in order before committing to a purchase like this, so a handy little general guide is here as well to clear up any lingering doubts you might have.

Be sure to check out the Camera Bag Buying Guide!

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1. S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Canvas Leather Trim DSLR Shockproof Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag – Overall the Best Camera Bag

Almost all modern camera bags sport a huge amount of space to store as many accessories as you can carry. That’s fine if you’re working on a difficult shoot that requires you to switch out lenses on the go and burn through two or more batteries. Many times you just need a bag which will carry your essentials securely and stylishly though. This is where S-Zone’s messenger bag really shines!

Its main compartment has room for a standard-sized DSLR camera with a lens attached, plus an additional lens separated with a divider which stabilizes the compartment and improves the bag’s resistance to shock. The interior is closed by zippers and secured by an additional flap. On the outside there’s a large pocket that fits various small items like a phone or journal. A couple of smaller sleeves were sewn into it as well, offering snug space for batteries, SD cards and pens.

Appearance-wise, it’s quite a handsome little bag! Its waterproof canvas and the PU leather straps are all well stitched together and evoke a retro feel. You can’t remove its shoulder strap, but it is easily adjustable with a metal buckler. While it was primarily designed to carry your camera, you could definitely use this as a chic messenger bag without skipping a beat.

Before you decide to give this excellent camera bag a go, do remember that it is on the smaller side. If you’d prefer to lug around more lenses, an additional flash or other equipment, it might not all fit into it, especially if your camera is a bit bigger.

To sum up, this is a beautiful, compact bag that has a smart approach to keeping everything you need to take stunning pictures with by your side. It’s the best camera bag out there, and not just for the minimalist within you, although it does make one choose carefully what to bring along.

  • Waterproof exterior
  • Efficient use of space
  • Stylish and well-made
  • Too small for travel

2. Evecase DSLR Professional Camera Shoulder Holster Bag – The Best Camera Bag for Travel with a Single Purpose

What if you’re planning to take breathtaking vacation photos or are shooting in an exotic far away location though? In that case, you need a bag you can easily attach to your main backpack and still get to its contents in seconds. You need Evacase’s holster bag, the best camera bag for travel that doesn’t also double as a messenger bag or backpack.

What makes it so are its multiple carrying options. There’s your standard padded shoulder strap and a thick handle you can hold onto. The bag is small and light enough for you to comfortably carry it around in your hand or over the shoulder, but why complicate things if there’s a better way? Its strap loop lets you attach the camera bag to any kind of backpack where it will remain safe until you need to use it.

There’s room for a modern camera and up to two lenses in its snug inner compartment. The foam padding keeps your equipment stable no matter how much you move about. Its flap has a couple of sleeves sewn into it so your notes and other small items can be out of harm’s way too. Apart from that, the bag has a big zippered outer pocket with room enough for chargers, batteries and other bulkier equipment

Just how sturdy the bag is can be seen from the get-go. Its nylon exterior is resistant to the elements, and further reinforced by a vinyl bottom that minimizes wear. Add to that an adjustable shoulder strap and three nice color options, and Evecase’s camera bag starts looking even more appealing.

The point at which the shoulder strap attaches to the bag is also its weakest one. It isn’t reinforced with stitching or anything, rather it’s a small flapping piece of fabric which might tear if you snag the camera bag on something and pull too hard.

Situational issues like this one aside, Evecase’s camera bag impresses with its compact but versatile build, attention to safety and overall good looks. The next time you need your camera and a few essentials to accompany you on a trip, entrusting them to this bag will be a smart move.

  • Can be attached to backpacks
  • Secure inner compartment
  • Water-resistant
  • Shoulder strap’s attachment to the bag is flimsy

3. S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Leather Trim DSLR Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag – The Best Camera Messenger Bag

As the third entry in the list we have another camera bag by S-Zone. As you’d expect, the excellent quality found in the guide’s overall winner is evident in this camera bag too, plus, it has a few distinct features of its own that might make you choose it instead.

There are two stand-out features to this camera bag. The first is its increased size. Putting a camera with a lens already attached and two more lenses into its heavily-padded main compartment is a breeze. It’s the same excellent material used in the smaller version and can be adjusted with two dividers.

The second is its diversity. From the outside, it looks nothing like a camera bag – the larger size, prominent shoulder strap and attractive crazy horse leather fasteners make it look like a tasteful messenger bag you wouldn’t suspect of holding a camera. The inner padding can be removed, leaving enough space inside for notebooks, a laptop or a tablet and other items, turning it into the best camera messenger bag that can take on both functions fully and with style.

The bag itself is durable and made to last, but it’s a little tough to carry. The shoulder strap isn’t comfortable and can dig itself into your shoulder after you’ve been lugging the bag at capacity for a while. There’s no option to switch to a handle, so you’re stuck with the strap.

This model is the ultimate proof that camera bags can be as elegant as they are useful. If you don’t appreciate the general camera bag aesthetic and would like one which can function as an actual bag in a heartbeat, then S-Zone’s camera messenger bag should make its way into your shopping cart.

  • Acts as both a camera and a messenger bag
  • Lots of room for camera and accessories
  • Appealing design
  • Uncomfortable strap
  • No handle

4. G-raphy Camera Backpack – The Best Camera Bag for Hiking

Are the sights you want to photograph found at the ends of unforgiving hiking trails? It’s definitely worth it to brave the wilds and behold them, but you also have to have a camera bag that can keep up. G-raphy has made one that doubles as a backpack, and gives you both the storage and protection your equipment needs for such a hard journey.

This is the largest bag you’ll come across in the guide, having the potential to hold up to four cameras and five additional lenses. Part of them will fit inside the spacious main compartment along with a small accessory bag, the other will find room inside a smaller, detachable camera bag.

Removing the padding turns this into a full-fledged hiking backpack! There’s room in its interior for clothes and a 17-inch laptop, while the three zippered compartments, two outside ones and a mesh side pocket provide room for your tools, provisions and even a tripod. Everything put inside the pack can be neatly organized and will remain dry thanks to the waterproof nylon it is made from

One bother with the bag is that its shoulder straps are rather small and tight. Men and most women will have no trouble with this, but buxom ladies might have a problem with them digging into their chest.

All in all though, this is a highly-recommended camera bag/backpack hybrid that’s far more useful combined than either bags would be on their own. Whether you’re interested in one hobby and starting to pick up the other, or are a seasoned nature photographer that needs a quality bag which goes above and beyond, this is the one to get!

  • Very spacious
  • Comes with smaller dedicated camera bag
  • Easily doubles as a backpack
  • Tightly fitting shoulder straps

5. AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag – The Best DSLR Camera Bag for Meticulous Organization

Every good camera bag is designed to protect your camera and assorted equipment as ample padding is always present. However, not every model is as effective when it comes to organizing the rest of your gear.

Enter AmazonBasics’ gadget bag that provides a structured environment from which you can easily locate and access all your gear. It holds a DSLR camera plus three of its lenses in a dedicated orange compartment, so each is clearly visible. The flap features a large mesh pocket useful for storing longer items like charging cables, while there’s room in the front for an E-book reader and a small notebook plus spare SD cards and pens in the smaller sleeves / mesh pockets.

The bag is not unattractive, but the subdued colors and plastic clasps aren’t doing it any favors. On the other hand, if you don’t want people to guess you have valuable camera equipment in there, it won’t attract unwanted attention, unless you make use of the bottom straps and attach a tripod to it that is.

As far as storage capacity and organizing options go, it’s the best DSLR camera bag, but, it’s no wonder that this makes it somewhat heavy. If you fill it to the brim, carrying it around can start to become uncomfortable after a short while, so if you’re of a weaker constitution you’ll need to plan what items to take with you and which to leave behind in order to make carrying it more manageable.

Everyone who loves to micro-manage all of their photography equipment will find this bag to be a great solution. Your shoulder might get a little sore if you insist on carrying it all day, but your shots will definitely turn out better because of it.

  • Securely holds camera and lenses
  • A lot of compartmentalized space for other items
  • Inexpensive
  • Can become heavy

6. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack – The Best Camera Sling Bag

Timing can make the difference between a decent photo and an award-winning one. Sometimes you need to get to your camera NOW to make that shot! Fumbling around with flaps and straps certainly doesn’t help, but an innovative zipper introduced in Altura Photo’s best camera sling bag might.

When storing items it’s best to use the main zipper which opens up a spacious and well-padded compartment able to accommodate a camera and three lenses. You can arrange the dividers differently though and make your own configuration. Once you pack it, the bag can quickly be shifted to the front and a smaller side zipper gives you direct access to the camera in seconds!

The top part has room enough for chargers and flash units, and there are mesh pockets both on it and the main compartment for small item storage. Off to the side there’s room for a tripod as well. Other than over the shoulder, the bag can be carried by a top handle.

While handy, the bag’s design has a flaw which can be avoided, but can spell disaster if you aren’t careful. If held in front of you, the bag’s main compartment opens all the way away from you and down, leaving the camera completely exposed and able to fall out of the bag if it’s at a steep angle. Take extra care when opening the bag up on the fly to avoid this.

With a little mindfulness on your end, this camera bag still ought to prove itself a great companion – the ample adjustable space it offers, plus the ability to reach for your camera more quickly than with conventional camera or messenger bags puts it a step ahead of the competition and makes purchasing it a sound decision.

  • Handy quick-access side zipper
  • Easily shifts from the back to the front
  • Good use of space and its customization
  • The way in which the main zipper opens can cause the camera to fall out

7. Caden Professional Fashion Multifunction DSLR SLR Camera Bag – Design-wise the Best Traveling Camera Bag

Do you like taking short overnight trips and carrying only the bare minimum? If so, and if bare minimum means the inclusion of your camera and at least one more lens, then Caden can hook you up with a camera bag that’s ideal!

This bag leaves a great first impression. With its minimalistic design, large exterior pocket and array of trendy color options, it’s probably the best traveling camera bag in the looks department. Luckily, its storage features don’t lag behind either!

It has a lined camera compartment accessible from the side. Pull on the side handle to open it up and you’ll get instant access to a space that can be split into three parts with dividers. Better yet, it can be completely removed, opening up the bag’s bottom half for even more storage. There’s room for a 16-inch laptop at the back and smaller gadgets in the side pockets. The upper compartment can hold an item of clothing or two, and has many sleeves for smaller and slimmer items.

All is not perfect though. The bag’s zippers aren’t as durable as its other parts; they’re prone to getting stuck, partially opening up if the bag is completely full, and can be a hassle to get under control. Packing lighter and checking them from time to time will mostly take care of this, but is annoying to do.

In the end it comes down to taste and preference. If you need a bag that can hold more lenses and other items, maybe another one from the list is better-suited. Conversely, if you use it for light travel and thrive on compliments given for your fashion sense, it’s a choice that’s pretty hard to beat.

  • Looks great
  • Removable, easily accessible camera compartment
  • Faulty zippers

8. BESTEK Waterproof Canvas DSLR Vintage Leather Camera Bag – The Best Waterproof Camera Bag

Photography assignments can take you around the world and into unforgiving environments. One can also get unlucky and have to deal with a rainstorm in the middle of shooting. You’ll want a bag that provides superb water protection to deal with these situations, and Bestek’s camera bag is perfect for that.

The way it handles water is quite impressive! It slides right off of its canvas material and doesn’t get anywhere near its interior. Even after a heavy downpour, expect the canvas to be a little damp at worst, and your stuff to be completely dry. This is undoubtedly the best waterproof camera bag in the guide.

Its design is similar to S-Zone’s messenger bag, although larger and more spacious. The camera compartment easily slides out of the bag when not needed, leaving a large, fully-functional shoulder bag with a big main compartment as well as many sleeves and side pockets at your disposal.

The camera compartment’s padding is a bit on thee thinner side, especially on the bottom. Under normal conditions this isn’t a problem, but your camera might not fare well if the bag happens to roughly fall to the floor. Another thing to note is that the insert is smaller than the space dedicated to it within the bag, making it move about slightly as you walk.

Bestek’s bag is yet another piece of evidence that offering specialized photo equipment storage as part of an otherwise solid bag is a great idea. It’s versatility like that, its exemplary weather protection and a very attractive price which all help recommending it to come very easily.

  • Excellent water protection
  • Removable camera insert
  • A lot of space both with and without the camera compartment
  • Thin camera compartment padding
  • Compartment doesn’t fit snugly inside the bag

9. Canon 9320A023 100ES Shoulder Bag – The Best Camera Shoulder Bag

In stark contrast to the last entry, here we have a small bag from renowned camera manufacturer Canon. Its main purpose is to bring your camera and a lens along with you wherever you may go, and it does so very well.

Unlike other entries in the list, this is as barebones as they come – consisting of a padded interior divided in two, a zippered compartment in the flap for SD cards and such and nothing more, it’s as lightweight of a camera bag as you can get without compromising the safety of the equipment inside.

Its nylon construction makes the bag resistant to water and its black texture is nice to look at. You can carry it either by the padded handle or over the shoulder using the supplied strap.

The top flap is closed with only one plastic buckle. It would have been wiser and safer to zip everything up as well. Also, the divider is stitched in place, making adjustments for cameras that aren’t Canon’s harder.

When taken as what it’s meant to be, a small, unassuming bag that will safely get your camera from A to B, Canon’s is the best camera shoulder bag out there. It will allow you to experience the joy of photography without being bridled by countless accessories, which is an interesting experience worth exploring!

  • Very compact and light
  • Can be carried in two different ways
  • Water-resistant
  • Flap could be more securely closed
  • Divider can’t be moved

10. BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag – The Best Small Camera Bag

If you thought that Canon’s was the smallest functional camera bag on offer, think again! The title of best small camera bag deservingly goes to this model by Bagsmart. Here’s why.

First of all, it can be carried around in many different ways. Use the long adjustable strap for over the shoulder carrying, its handle for comfortably carrying it in the hand, or the smart trolley attachments to secure it to your suitcase’s extended handle and transport it that way. Whichever way you do it, no moisture should penetrate its rain cover or the bag’s own rugged nylon

For such a small bag, there’s considerable room to work with. Divide its main compartment in three to store a camera and a few cables or cards at either side, or in half to take another lens along. A mesh pocket under the flap takes care of any other loose item you may need.

There’s not much to criticize with this bag. Small annoyances include the zippers’ tendency to open slightly if you stuff it with too many items, and the fact that you can get larger camera bags of equal quality cheaper.

Paying extra ought to prove itself as a smart decision over time since the quality fabric and excellent stitching will keep the bag together longer. For the efficient photographer who knows what needs bringing along and what can stay at home, this camera bag is a must-buy.

  • Efficient use of space
  • Trolley straps
  • High-quality make
  • Zippers can come loose under pressure
  • A bit expensive

11. K&F Concept Multi-Functional Camera Backpack – The Best DSLR Camera Bag for Travel When Safety is Concerned

Top of the line cameras and their accompanying equipment can cost in the thousands of dollars, and it’s every photographer’s worst nightmare to have them stolen. Useful as they are, most camera bags I’ve talked about so far have handled safety by being inconspicuous. K&F’s backpack goes a step further.

It features a safety mechanism you’ve already seen if you’ve read the article on travel backpacks, a camera compartment that opens up from the backpack’s backside. This way it is protected by your back and is much harder to reach without causing suspicion. Getting to the camera is easy for you though because of an included side zipper like the one on Altura Photo’s sling bag.

It easily fits your camera and two more lenses and the flap the compartment is closed with has a few handy sleeves too. The upper compartment will keep a set or two of fresh clothes at hand, and what doesn’t fit in there you can distribute among the side and back pockets. When full, the bag truly looks like a rucksack you’re carrying to school or traveling with, leaving thieves none the wiser.

Hard as I looked, K&F’s backpack doesn’t seem to have any flaws. The navy blue/tan color combo might not be to everyone’s liking, but this is hardly a mark against this fantastic bag.

You’re looking at the safest and best DSLR camera bag for travel you can currently buy. While safety is a top priority, it’s also a well-made backpack with lots of pockets and style, and the best kind of ending to this guide you or I could have hoped for

  • Safe camera compartment
  • Lots of room for clothes and other things
  • Resistant to wear and water
  • None

Camera Bag Buyer’s Guide

Still not sure about the best camera bag? Go through these helpful tips to get a clearer picture.

  • Compatibility – Even though they’re generally designed to fit comfortably in one’s hand, DSLR cameras come in differing sizes. Smaller camera bags or ones with less spacious camera compartments might not be able to fit yours comfortably, or squeezing the camera in might leave less room for other stuff. Bring your camera along to experience whether it fits first hand, or double-check the dimensions if you’re getting the bag online
  • Size – Not to be confused with the parameter above, the size of a bag has to do with how much equipment you’re willing to carry. It might be best to consider buying multiple bags if you’re a pro and need varying amounts of gear for different occasions since they aren’t really that expensive. If you’re dead set on getting one though, take a few minutes to reflect on how much use the bag will get, how many different lenses you have and generally how strenuous your photo shoots are. Casuals will be thankful for the lighter load a small bag can hold, while seasoned vets will appreciate a customizable bag with lots of space to fall back on.
  • Protection – the single feature you do not want to skimp out on! The best camera bag isn’t the one that can hold the most, but that which keeps your expensive gear in one piece. Always check if the bag’s padding is thick and well-placed, especially on the bottom as that’s where manufacturers tend to cut costs the most. Also consider the material properties of the bag itself – rip-resistant, well-stitched together and waterproof fabric goes a long way in keeping your camera’s casing spotless and its electronics bone dry.

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