Want to start working on building more muscle or increasing your endurance along with your routine?

The running or weightlifting shoes you’ve been using just won’t do, so stick around to find out more about the best cross training shoes that will turn you into a more rounded and overall better athlete.

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Reebok Men's Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer Shoe

Best Cross Training Shoes 2020

Everything about the Ros Workout TR 2.0 Cross Trainers is designed to be lightweight and mobile. From the airy mesh which is nevertheless resistant to abrasion, through low-cut heel padding which gives your ankles more room to move, all the way to the patterned outsole made of rubber which grips as tightly to the pavement as it does to a climbing rope, everything is in place to deliver a first-class entry into the world of cross training.

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Below is a table of the 10 Best Cross Training Shoes 2020. Each cross training shoe have been recommended for your convenience!

Cross Training Shoe ImageCross Training Shoe NameWide Feet SupportSole MaterialPrice
Reebok Men's Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer ShoeYesRubber Check Price
adidas Performance Men's Speed 3.0 Cross-Trainer-ShoesYesRubber Check Price
PUMA Men's Propel Cross-Trainer ShoeYesRubber Check Price
Nike Men's Metcon 2 Training ShoeYesRubber Check Price
Under Armour Men's Strive 7 – 2E Training Cross-Trainer ShoeYesRubber Check Price
Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Training ShoeYesRubber Check Price
Reebok Men's Yourflex Train 9.0 MT Running ShoeYesRubber Check Price
Nike Dual Fusion TR 6YesRubber Check Price
ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Trail Running ShoeYesRubber Check Price
ASICS Men's GEL-190 TR Training ShoeYesRubber Check Price
The trouble with many athletes is that they get so caught up in their own sport that they neglect, and worse, dismiss other forms of exercise. The irony is that trying out something new can have great benefits for your main discipline. Runners who start to train with weights can maintain proper form longer and not feel so much fatigue after their run is complete. Conversely, weightlifters that take the time to do cardio now and again have a stronger heart and legs, not to mention burn undesirable fat much faster than with weight training alone.

The trouble is, the shoes which are ideal for your main discipline tend to fall flat in the other – Weightlifting shoes are much too stiff to run in effectively, while running shoes lack the support good lifting form depends on. The solution is a mix of the two, cross training shoes that offer support no matter how you’re currently training.

Which model to go for? All the big players of the shoe-making industry have models that lure people in with cool looks and the promise of better results, so the question is how to separate the truth from the advertisement? By getting your info from an unbiased source of course! This is a perfect topic to write a guide on, and I’ve done so featuring ten of what look to be the most useful cross training shoes out there. As always, more general tips can be found in the guide after the review section as well.

Be sure to check out the Cross Training Shoe Buying Guide!

We’re off to a running start, now let’s take those reviews on!

1. Reebok Men’s Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer Shoe – The Best Cross Training Shoes for Beginners

When you’re taking your first steps into unknown cross training territory and are still wondering if that’s what you want to commit to, having a pair of shoes that are well-suited for any challenge without seeming like too much of an investment can be a strong motivator. Reebok’s engineers have been thinking along the same lines, and the Ros Workout Tr is a result newcomers as well as more seasoned athletes will like.

Everything about the training shoes is designed to be lightweight and mobile. From the airy mesh which is nevertheless resistant to abrasion, through low-cut heel padding which gives your ankles more room to move, all the way to the patterned outsole made of rubber which grips as tightly to the pavement as it does to a climbing rope, everything is in place to deliver a first-class entry into the world of cross training.

Aesthetically, they’ve already found a following among minimalists. The solid geometric shapes and mesh upper go well with their two-toned outer sole and the whole package looks as classy as it is durable.

The shoes’ only fault is that they run a bit too narrow. Even if you go a size up from what you’d normally wear, there might be a lot of room infront to wiggle your toes, while the sides of your feet can still feel boxed in, which might cause issues for people with wider feet.

Provided yours aren’t, you’ll likely find that these are the best cross training shoes for people who are just starting out. Their featherweight build, firm grip and relative affordability make these Reeboks the perfect candidate for your first serious cross training pair.

  • Very lightweight and low
  • Excellent traction
  • Cool, minimalist appearance
  • Might be too narrow for people with wider feet

2. adidas Performance Men’s Speed 3.0 Cross-Trainer-Shoes – The Best Men’s Cross Training Shoes when it Comes to Appearance

While working out is an athlete’s first priority, looking good while doing so doesn’t lag far behind. Many are actually really fussy about looking their best while tackling those free weights, and Adidas’ Speed 3.0 are the best men’s cross training shoes to coordinate a look around, and they’re not too shabby when it comes to performance either!

Simply put, these are great looking shoes! The classic Adidas stripes, a prominent reinforced heel counter and a lightning-inspired midsole are unmistakable marks of distinction. Get them in a subdued, standard color or go all out with more vibrant and modern combinations to really make them your own. There’s certainly plenty to choose from.

As for their performance, these shoes are built for stability and excellent arch support. You won’t be running a 10K in them as the soles aren’t designed for this, but any kind of weightlifting in the gym or exercises performed either on grass or turf will come more naturally thanks to the sense of lightness you get while wearing them.

Similarly to Reebok’s model, the shoes have a tight fit. To make things stranger, the heel is a bit on the wider side, so your foot might move around towards the back if you don’t lock the shoe in place using its excellent laces.

All in all, Speed’s 3rd iteration looks fabulous and performs as well as you’d expect from a company like Adidas. Make sure to try them on before buying to get the perfect fit, and with it, a pair of shoes that will boost both your results and confidence.

  • Very good-looking with lots of colors to choose from
  • Excellent arch support
  • Firm laces
  • Can be too tight

3. PUMA Men’s Propel Cross-Trainer Shoe – The Best Shoes for Cross Training on a Budget

Not all of us have the luxury of dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes. Finding a balance between not spending too much and still getting a shoe that won’t give up on you after a couple of uses is crucial for the budget-conscious athlete, and that’s where Puma’s Propel cross-trainers come in.

Sporting a contemporary look and available in both bright and darker tones, they’re not just good for the gym, but for everyday use as well. Running and walking are very enjoyable as the shoes are light to wear and won’t stink up your feet even after a jog as the upper mesh does a great job of getting rid of sweat.

They’re also great as transition shoes for runners who want to work on their physique more as they aren’t as flat and grounded as your standard weightlifting shoe, but don’t have the distinctive midsoles and raised heels they’re used to seeing on conventional running shoes either.

The only real issue with these shoes is their lackluster traction. While it will do for normal conditions while weight training in the gym or running on dry asphalt, they tend to slip on wet surfaces, making them not as reliable while it is raining.

All things considered, that’s a small drawback which doesn’t take away from the shoes’ overall appeal. Whether you’re easing into cross training from a more running-oriented sport or want an inexpensive pair that offers maximum value for the money, Puma’s are the best shoes for cross training you can get in either case.

  • Suitable for both gym and everyday use
  • Affordable
  • Great as a transition shoe
  • Weak traction on wet surfaces

4. Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe – The Best Nike Cross Training Shoes

The first Metcons arrived a couple of years back and were greeted with enthusiasm, especially by the CrossFit community. Although they were great shoes to lift weights in, a lot was left to be desired for their running potential. Their 2nd version was supposed to address these and other issues, and it’s safe to say that Nike have managed to improve upon an already great shoe!

While they’re still hard and stiff shoes at heart, these Metcons are much more flexible than their predecessor. Heel support is more pronounced and softer, hugging that part of your foot and propping it up better for longer runs. The durability of the heel as well as the toe box have been increased as well since these were the two areas most prone to ripping before.

The quality make can be seen and experienced right away. Of special note are the Metcons’ mesh which keeps your feet ventilated regardless of how much sweat builds up, and a new plastic strip at the back of the heel that helps you perform handstand push-ups without damaging either the shoes or the wall.

Since the major issues have been dealt with, all that’s left are a few small gripes most people won’t even notice. First, it still feels decidedly more like a lifting than a running shoe. Second, the shoes sure squeak a lot wherever you go. In the gym that’s hardly noticeable, but may wake up family members if you’re walking around in them in the middle of the night.

Without a doubt the best Nike cross training shoes you can get your hands on, the Metcon 2s are every bit as good as the marketing would have you believe. Excellent for lifting, OK for running and fantastic as far as comfort and appearance are concerned, they’re all-rounders you’ll love to wear and will find hard to wear out.

  • Very durable and breathable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Come in dozens of attractive color combinations
  • They squeak a lot

5. Under Armour Men’s Strive 7 – 2E Training Cross-Trainer Shoe – The Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

It can be a pain for people with normally-proportioned feet to find a shoe that fits properly, but the hassle is infinitely worse for those unfortunate enough to have been born with wide feet. Even if the shoe is long enough, its narrow side can make it totally uncomfortable. Luckily, considerate companies like Under Armour offer relief for wide-footed people with comfortable shoes like the Stride.

The 2e in the shoes’ name stands for a wider sole catering to people with wider than average feet. As such, they’re comfy to both run and train in. Their traction is also above average thanks to a series of small rubber pips that were placed on the outer sole’s heel, ball and big toe area to really grip the ground when you’re stepping off and landing again.

They might not be as narrow as standard shoes, but they don’t look strange either. Quite the opposite in fact – leather inlays give support to their mesh, the heel counter is sleek and thin, and their midsole has an elegant, flowing look. All of these come together in forming a great-looking, classy shoe.

Sizing is the single greatest issue most shoes suffer from, and since these were built precisely with wide feet in mind, that leaves practically nothing to complain about. Well, a pull tab to easily put them on and off would have been nice, but that’s nitpicking.

The best cross training shoes for wide feet ought to address the problem, allow you to train in comfort and look like any other high-profile shoe. It’s safe to say that the Strives are well-suited for all three, and are the obvious choice if you happen to have wide feet as well.

  • Wider than standard shoes
  • Excellent traction
  • Great appearance
  • No pull tab

6. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe – The Best Rated Cross Training Shoes by Nike

You don’t need to be an athlete to have heard of (or worn) Nike’s Monarch shoes. They’re well-known for their superior comfort and recognizable appearance. They also happen to be the best rated cross training shoes on many an online store and user forum. No one’s questioning their coolness, but how do they stack up when it’s actually time to cross train?

I must say that no other shoes in the guide are as adaptable when it comes to their outer sole’s grip. There’s a strategically-placed pivot circle in the ball area that allows you to turn quickly and let the wavy patterns on the rest of the sole’s front end lock you into place.

The upper’s quality is top tier too, breathability being its obvious feature. Supporting it are leather overlays which strengthen the shoe, while its air feature and the pylon midsole give a spring to your step and help with flawless landing. Rounding it all up is visible stitching that adds further distinction to the shoes.

While they’re superior shoes when it comes to the running part of cross training, they are less capable when it’s time to hit the rack. Weightlifting requires flat, stable shoes whose midsoles don’t arch quite as much as the Monarchs’.

If your cross training has more to do with cardio and endurance runs than squats and snatches, then the Monarchs should give you enough stability and traction. For more serious weight training with a little bit of running mixed in, there’s a better option from Nike out there in form of the Metcons. In any case, Nike’s got your back, or rather, your foot well covered.

  • Excellent traction
  • Good cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Arch is too pronounced for heavy lifting

7. Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 9.0 MT Running Shoe – The Best Shoes for Cross Training and Running

The seventh spot on the list is reserved for another entry by Reebok, the Yourflex! As their name suggests, these are flexible shoes that can be used effectively on the track as well as in the gym. They’re also true to size, which is something that can’t be said for some much more expensive models.

What I like most about these shoes is how light they are without that compromising their stability. Both the outer sole and midsole are made from 3D Ultralite rubber, which reduces their weight significantly. Clever construction doesn’t make that into a stability problem as well-placed patterns on the soles’ bottom dig in when you need them to, like during squats or deadlifts.

When you’re hitting the ground hard, the shoes give ample cushioning both in the ball and heel area. Generous padding has been provided for the latter to make striking with the heel less painful.

Like Puma’s shoes, these suffer from less than stellar traction when in contact with wet, slippery floors. Avoid using them in the rain, or near sweaty gym equipment. Due to their light weight, the shoes tend to wear out faster than heavier ones, so you might need a replacement sooner than expected.

That’s really all there is to say about them. If you’d like a nice, perfectly serviceable pair of running shoes which can hold their own on the gym floor too, the Yourflex are about the best shoes for cross training and running which you can currently buy.

  • Extremely light
  • Stable while stationary
  • Below-average traction
  • Not as durable as other pairs in the guide

8. Nike Dual Fusion TR 6 – The Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees

Nothing gets an avid runner or CrossFit enthusiast down quicker than experiencing knee pain while exercising. The problem has become so prevalent that manufacturers have started paying extra attention in designing shoes which can minimize the impact on your knees. As in many other areas, Nike is one of the leaders in this one too.

Meet the Dual Fusion TR 6, the best cross training shoes for bad knees! They offer exceptional support for good form while running or weight training, absorbing the strain that would otherwise affect your bad knees more severely. The secret is in their dual fusion padding system located in the midsole – it’s softer in the middle, which then distributes the impact towards the harder and stiffer toe box / heel.

Apart from having a positive impact on your health, the shoes are both stylish and comfortable. Depending on which color you choose, the mesh has a different pattern like honeycomb or fishnet. Whichever style you go for, the colors are mild and make the shoes perfect for any outing. As for comyfiness, the already snug fit is further helped by generous padding of the tongue and collar.

Speaking of the collar, it’s rather tall and has a tendency to dig itself into the heel, especially if you’re wearing ankle socks. Other than that they’re on the stiffer side, making them better suited for gym use.

The Dual Fusion TR6s are the kind of shoes which can reignite one’s passion for training all over again. With tangible health benefits, luxurious padding and a sweet Nike look you know and love, they’re a pair of shoes that are worth much more than their asking price.

  • Excellent knee support and foot cushioning
  • Well-padded
  • Stylish
  • High collar

9. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe – The Best Rated cross Training Shoes for Men

Here’s another pair of shoes that have stirred up quite a buzz on the internet, this time from ASICS. Touted as possessing superior traction, comfort and versatility, the Venture 5s are the best rated cross training shoes of them all. By and large, the hype is justified.

Versatility and strength are best illustrated by an innovative rubber outer sole. The v-shaped pattern, inversed lugs and strategically placed indent make the sole a rock-solid foundation not just for mundane surfaces like concrete or wood, but capable of tackling a rocky dirt path or even an undemanding hiking trail.

As for durability and comfort, the flexible nature of their mesh and reinforcements to the sole will keep them in peak condition after hundreds of miles or gym sessions. Padding towards the back, on the collar and tongue makes them soft while intuitively positioning your foot and keeping it from moving inside the shoe.

The only thing keeping the venture 5s from a perfect score is their lackluster arch support. To someone with normal feet, they’ll seem a little flat; to a person suffering from over pronation, they may become downright unusable after half an hour of wear. Since they weren’t designed with this in mind I can’t fault them much, but do remember that even though the sock lining can be removed to make way for orthotics, this might not entirely fix the problem.

Even though its name suggests that it would only be good for outdoor use, the Venture 5 Trail is a true generalist shoe capable of handling almost any kind of pressure you can throw at it, the exception being competitive weight- and Olympic lifting. For anything but extremes like that, it should be the go to shoe for anyone looking to expand their training regimen.

  • Superb traction on different terrains
  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Quality materials and reinforced weak spots assure durability
  • Arch support could have been better

10. ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR Training Shoe – The Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronators

It’s time to wrap up these shoe reviews, and it’s always great when I can end on a positive note. People who have to deal with over pronation have it tougher than the rest of us – even comparatively mild physical exercise can cause them discomfort and outright pain if the shoes they’re wearing aren’t right. In an effort to give sufferers another shot at a better, healthier life, Asics has been putting out the supremely comfortable GEL series for a while, with the 190 as their newest incarnation.

The patented GEL system cushions the heel, protecting it from impact and absorbing most of the shock experienced while walking and working out. SpEVA, the material the shoes’ midsole is made out of, is another proprietary feature that helps stabilize the foot and keep it in place while giving more bounce to your stride without compromising the shoe’s integrity. Both of these make the CEL-190s the best cross training shoes for overpronators, but you can totally wear them to work, spend an entire shift on your feet and feel no pain afterwards!

True to the Asics style philosophy, they’re unobtrusive, but beautiful shoes, making up for a lack of garish colors and wilder motifs with a breezy mesh, striking outer sole and well-padded collars.

Due to their specialist design, these shoes might not be the best option for people with wide and otherwise normal feet. Their pronounced arches and tight fit around the heel are there intentionally to help people with over pronation, and may actually cause discomfort for others.

It’s heartening to know that a company like Asics sympathizes with people afflicted by heel pain and other conditions, and admirable that there are shoes out there which help them lead more active lives. If you’ve ever wanted to take up a sport and were unsure how it would affect your already problematic feet, Asics has just given you the best gift ever.

  • Excellent heel and arch support
  • Comfortable to wear, even for long periods
  • Classic, appealing design
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Cross Training Shoe Buyer’s Guide

There you have it, ten interesting and useful pairs of shoes to choose from! Before you do though, refresh your memory on some of the main takeaways that are useful when shopping for cross training shoes.

  • Sizing – I keep bringing this issue up and stressing it in each of my shoe reviews, and for good reason. As you’ve read above, there’s a fair share of shoe models that suffer from sizing issues. You can avoid most of these if you can actually try the shoes on before buying first. Ordering them from an online store is a different matter though. Read other people’s personal reviews, find the manufacturer’s size chart for comparison, and buy from stores that offer fair return policies.
  • Proper Arch Support – running as well as most weight training exercises put tremendous pressure on your joints, either in an instant or over a long time period. It’s imperative that the shoes you’ll be training in absorb and distribute the shock your feet are subjected to. People who suffer from medical conditions such as over pronation can now exercise without risk too, but need to make sure that they insert the proper orthotics first / buy shoes that address their specific condition.
  • Stiffness and Cushioning – Depending on which side of the fence you’re coming from, you’ll want to look for shoes that aren’t as stiff / are less padded than you’re used to. The best cross training shoes in that respect are those which draw you out of the comfort zone of the sport you’ve been practicing, but are either still stiff enough for not-so-casual weightlifting, or comfortable enough for a vigorous running session.

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