Men's Jackets

I want to make a wager.

I bet your closet is filled with coats, parkas and jackets that you have either outgrown, grown tired of or simply can’t wear because of the extra holes from long time wear and tear.

Whatever the reason is, you’re looking for a new jacket.

It is never a bad time to be thinking about your next piece of clothing, and we’re here to help you with that, especially if you’re looking for the best men’s jackets for 2020.

Keep in mind, we go over a variety of jackets but have chosen jackets that can be used at least two of the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer).

Editor’s Choice

Cole Haan Men's Boiled Wool Toggle Duffle Coat

Best Men’s Jackets 2020

This Cole Haan Duffle Coat uses a more supple boiled wool variety that works surprisingly well in providing both mobility and warmth to the wearer.

A quilted lining provides ample warmth even in bitter cold, and the elegantly concealed zipper will ensure it stays that way. Its hood is unobtrusive and will keep you dry if it starts snowing suddenly, but we very much appreciate the fact that it can easily be removed.

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Navigate Our Top 10 Men’s Jackets

Below is a table of the Top 10 Best Men’s Jackets 2020. Every men’s jacket on this list has been chosen by our specialist reviewers. There is a jacket for every season as well as various styles.

Jacket ImageJacket NameJacket FitDry Cleaning RequiredPrice
ROGUE Men's Leather Biker JacketRegularYes Check Price
Fjallraven Men's Arktis ParkaRegularNo Check Price
Cole Haan Men's Boiled Wool Toggle Duffle Coat (Editor's Choice)RegularYes Check Price
Nautica Men's 3 Button Wool Blend 37 Inch TopcoatRegularYes Check Price
Levi's Men's Harrington Trucker JacketRegularMachine Wash Check Price
DKNY Men's Denn 34 Inch OvercoatSlimYes Check Price
G-Star Raw Men's Vodan 3d Slim JacketRegularMachine Wash Check Price
FLATSEVEN Mens Slim Fit Casual Premium Blazer SlimYes Check Price
Calvin Klein Men's Heather Wool Bomber JacketRegularYes Check Price
The North Face Mens Apex Flex GTX JacketRegularNo Check Price

Since you should always make an informed decision when purchasing something as integral as a jacket, we’ve also put together Men’s Jacket Buying Guide that’s going to put you well on your way to getting a product that not only looks good but feels right too.

A jacket can be so much more than a piece of clothing you wear simply because it’s cold outside. They can hold some of our fondest memories, are great reminders of phases we went through (and might be embarrassed about as adults), and can provide security and warmth that isn’t limited to protection from the elements.

An expensive and lofty jacket can be the symbol of power and wealth, and there are not many signs that portray someone’s abject poverty better than a coat that has been ripped through and stitched together many times after it should have already been relegated to the junk heap. Jackets tell stories and help form identities, so getting one that will become a part of your life isn’t a small matter.

There’s a problem though – the sheer amount of design choices and materials can be overwhelming and discouraging. Somber tones compete with far-out designs; timeless materials such as linen and leather do battle with modern synthetic marvels… Often times the consumer is at the center of it, not knowing what to choose while all of these products’ manufacturers are vying for their attention. That’s where we come in, with the hope of making your choice more straightforward.

This list covers a wide range of jackets for all seasons and made from all types of fabrics and materials. My preferred jacket type is the one that has the most pockets. As much as I like my backpacks, I prefer not to carry one and I want to be able to carry everything I need on me, in my pockets or coat.

With that said, it’s time to jump straight into the reviews section and get you looking sharp in no time at all!

1. ROGUE Men’s Leather Biker Jacket – One of the Best Men’s Leather Jackets for the Modern Age

The mainstay of cool since, well, forever, leather jackets are truly among the most iconic and timeless pieces of clothing ever to have graced the backs of a biker, greaser or diehard metal fan. Built with sturdiness and superb protection from the elements as their main focus, the best men’s leather jackets can take a beating and, like fine wine, will feel better as they age, if you care for them properly.

Rogue has been producing exceptional leather apparel for almost 20 years now, focusing on apparel that has that distinctive vintage feel to it, unencumbered by shifts in the fashion world and sticking to a well-established style that just works. This biker jacket is a prime example of how a basic, unassuming approach can have a positive impact on its visual presentation. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or kicking back with a beer at your favorite watering hole, the cotton and polyester blend used in its lining will keep you warm and comfortable. The genuine leather, on the other hand, will make short work of rain or wind, allowing for a smooth ride.

It comes with five pockets in total, two of which have polished metal zippers so you can store smaller items inside without the fear of losing them. Combined with the main two-way zipper and a number of metal studs used to secure the lapels to the jacket, the contrast of black leather and metal gives the jacket an added touch of badassery.

Keep in mind that this jacket is only intended to be dry cleaned. Also, since it is made out of genuine leather, you should read up on proper maintenance techniques for leather apparel so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

To sum up, what you have here is one of the best men’s leather jackets on offer today. Everything from the build quality through the design choices to the sense of adventure that lies just down the road you get when you put it on has been done just right. The jacket comes with a price tag a few skeptics might consider hefty, but considering you’ll be wearing it for a long time to come, the investment is well worth it.

  • Cool, timeless design
  • Great resistance against the elements
  • Long-lasting
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Requires proper maintenance

2. Fjallraven Men’s Arktis Parka – Laugh in the Face of Bitter Cold in One of the Best Men’s Down Jackets

Do you find yourself frequently working in cold and inhospitable conditions for long periods of time? Do you happen to live in a mountain climate where the winters are unforgiving and a warm jacket can literally mean the difference between life and death if your truck dies in the middle of nowhere? If you answered yes to either of these questions or are just in search of an exceedingly well-made winter coat that won’t disappoint in the looks department, then you need a parka from Fjallraven.

Specializing in providing demanding customers not just with the best men’s down jackets but a myriad of other extreme weather outdoor accessories, this Swedish company knows how to tackle the elements and come out on top. The Arktis parka is the result of a 50-year long tradition in the field, and it shows.

Everything about this jacket tells you that its primary function is to keep a person warm, even under inhospitable circumstances. Made from a synthetic material known as G-1000 and its more durable variant G-1000 HD, it will shield you from low temperatures and wet snow alike. On top of that, the material is breathable, so your sweat can naturally evaporate. Its two main pockets are large enough to hold a canteen or a number of tools and supplies, while the breast pockets, although smaller, are big enough to hold a couple of smaller items each, making for a very spacious carrying capacity.

The function takes precedence over fashion with this parka, but it definitely looks presentable. The ruff can be easily removed if you find it distracting, or left as it is for a cozier, warmer feel. Speaking of which, if your hands ever get cold, the fleece-lined side pockets will remedy that in no time.

If you plan on ordering this parka from an online store, make sure that you adjust for your measurements correctly. It was made to accommodate layered clothing, so if you don’t plan on wearing much of it, consider ordering a smaller size than you’re used to.

We thoroughly enjoyed wearing this parka and using it out in the cold. It really shines as a heavy-duty work jacket for harsh conditions but doesn’t look out of place in a civilized setting either. If warmth and comfort are your top priorities, then the Arktis is an obvious choice.

  • Functional, warm and breathable
  • Lots of space to store stuff in
  • Well-made and durable
  • A bit bulky

3. Cole Haan Men’s Boiled Wool Toggle Duffle Coat – The Personified Elegance of One of the Best Men’s Winter Jackets

Even though the Arktis parka was a pleasure to work in, we do find that it is a bit lacking in the style department. If you’re the type who wants to remain as warm and comfortable as possible during the winter months while maintaining an appearance that wouldn’t be out of place at the arrival to any kind of gathering, then you might want to turn your attention to a duffle coat, such as this snazzy looking one by Cole Haan.

We feel that versatility is the defining hallmark of the best men’s winter jackets, and this one is a very good example of that philosophy. Cole Haan have eschewed the use of a denser variety of woolen cloth characteristic for earlier versions of the duffle coat in exchange for a softer, more supple boiled wool variety that works surprisingly well in providing both mobility and warmth to the wearer.

What they did not alter much is the coat’s overall appearance which lends itself well to formal as well as informal occasions. In other words, it will look just as good with your favorite sweater under it as with an expensive suit. The instantly recognizable black fastenings mesh well with its navy blue front, and its large adjustable cuffs along with the two pronounced pockets give it a more defined look. A quilted lining provides ample warmth even in bitter cold, and the elegantly concealed zipper will ensure it stays that way. Its hood is unobtrusive and will keep you dry if it starts snowing suddenly, but we very much appreciate the fact that it can easily be removed.

Like leather, wool is a natural material that needs taking care of in order to not degrade over time. Adequate protection from insects and sunlight will keep your coat whole and be looking like new longer.

We’ve got to hand it to Cole Haan – they’ve managed to produce one of the all-around best men’s winter jackets we’ve tested this season. Its blend of sophistication and utility is sure to appeal to many of you, and even if trends happen to change in the near future, a duffle coat such as this will certainly remain an attractive option when it comes to both looks and price. This jacket is TRVNK’s pick for one of the best men’s jackets for 2020!

  • Stylish yet warm
  • Doesn’t restrict movement
  • Removable hood
  • Requires maintenance
  • Limited number of color options

4. Nautica Men’s 3 Button Wool Blend 37 Inch Topcoat – One of the Most Fashionable Men’s Spring Jackets

All this talk of winter coat options has made us long for spring again, so for the next entry in our list, we’ll be setting our sites on a topcoat ideally suited for those beautiful months when the temperatures finally start climbing back up and the world is abuzz with activity.

Nautica’s vision for their products is one of action – customers who buy their products are the bold, adventurous types who aren’t afraid to discover new things and look sharp while doing so. This is very well reflected in their line of stylish men’s spring jackets, the most prominent among them being this snazzy topcoat.

You won’t find unnecessary bells and whistles attached to this piece – just pure, unadulterated elegance. We’re actually very pleased with the topcoat’s simple design since it makes matching the coat to your already established style much easier. Whether you’re wearing it buttoned up in late February or sporting a shirt under it in mid-April, its unpretentious yet elegant look is sure to land you a compliment or two. Even though wool is its baseline material, the coat isn’t too thick, meaning that you’ll be comfortable in it regardless of spring’s whims. Woolen blends irritate some people so direct contact of its collar to the skin can feel a bit itchy, but wearing a turtleneck or a scarf should make that a non-issue.

Similarly to the Arktis parka we reviewed above, the suggested sizing was way off and getting the jacket a size or two smaller would have fit more snugly. Keep this in mind if you aren’t able to try one on in person.

All in all, Nautica haven’t disappointed us with their offering. As far as eye-catching and recognizable jackets go, this one manages to tick all the right boxes and should be considered one of the best men’s spring jackets. If you also take into consideration that shopping for one online can score you some serious savings, you’ve got a coat whose qualities make it an excellent choice for the money.

  • Fashionable and attractive
  • Great for transitional periods
  • Goes well with a wide variety of styles
  • Sizing issues
  • Only suitable for dry cleaning

5. Levi’s Men’s Harrington Trucker Jacket – A Successful Blend of Two Legendary Styles and One of the Most Iconic Men’s Summer Jackets

There’s something to be said about an endless stretch of road and the promise of a good night’s rest at the end of it. We’ve already covered what kind of jacket a biker might associate with the experience, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the guys who have many more wheels to keep track of. Who would have thought that combining a trucker jacket with a Harrington would turn out as great as this one did? Why, the people that invented one of its aspects of course!

Levi’s is practically synonymous with top quality denim products. When it comes to producing the highest quality men’s summer jackets the story remains the same. Their wildly popular trucker jackets have become a pop culture symbol in their own right. It comes as no surprise that combining one with another symbol of the good old days as immortalized by the likes of Elvis and Frank Sinatra, the Harrington, would make for an interesting, welcome result.

Being able to withstand wind during the day and just warm enough to deal with nightly temperature drops, this hybrid can definitely hold its own against similar men’s lightweight jackets. Its base appearance is that of your garden variety trucker jacket, but the pure cotton build and red-black plaid lining are a dead giveaway as far as Harrington influences are concerned. Unlike some of the other jackets on this list, maintaining it is easy since machine washing the jacket is perfectly safe. Additionally, this is the perfect jacket for allergy sufferers since cotton’s natural hypoallergenic properties make it a safe alternative to artificial fibers with only a minimal loss in durability.

The only thing we didn’t like about this jacket was the way it felt around the arms. The fit was a little too tight for our taste, restricting movement somewhat.

Even so, we declare Levi’s experiment a success! It turns out that both models’ strong suits complement each other quite nicely. Whether you’re a fan of the jackets’ histories and unique vibes, or just need a nice versatile piece of clothing that will keep you warm when it’s supposed to and is a minimal hassle to take care of properly, we have no qualms about recommending this Levi’s model as an optimal choice for your needs.

  • Lightweight and supple
  • Breathable but warm when it needs to be
  • Machine washable
  • Feels a bit restrictive

6. DKNY Men’s Denn 34 Inch Overcoat – One of Classiest Men’s Fall Jackets for Those Dreary Autumn Days

The next jacket we’ll be talking about is this overcoat by DKNY, a brand based in New York and well-versed in creating high-quality, attention-drawing apparel that fits equally well on the street as it does on the runway.

Looking at its inviting exterior, we can’t help but draw parallels between it and Nautica’s model we reviewed earlier. Even though this one is more at home alongside other enticing men’s fall jackets, the focus on simplicity over unnecessary embellishment leads us to believe that the two companies were drawing their inspiration from a similar source.

To give credit where credit is due though, the overcoat comes into its own when you take a look at some of its distinct details. The broad side pockets and deep collar give it a refined and serious tone which is further accentuated by the dark color palette DKNY have put on offer. Honestly, this coat would never pull off a tan or light gray shade, but with the perfectly selected variants it does come in, there’s no need to anyway.

A mixture of wool and polyester makes this a viable coat even when temperatures start to drop come December. As is the case with dapper men’s fall jackets whose chief task it is to make you look good while keeping you warm, it lacks a hood, so you’d better find shelter quick or carry an umbrella with you in case of those pesky fall rains.

We were a bit disappointed that they decided to skimp out on the material used to make the buttons, but if lowering the production cost was necessary, we’re glad that the buttons were affected the most. That’s not to say that they don’t look appealing. We actually quite liked the double-breasted version of the coat and find it adds something more to the experience.

In the end, we feel that this particular coat is a fine representative of fashion taking to the streets. Customers who buy it will likely feel the dedication that has gone into producing its functional yet smart frame, snugly fitting cuffs and attractive collar. I definitely recommend it if you’re one of those people that feel their comfort and presentability are worth an extra dollar or two.

  • Trendy and warm
  • Double-breasted version looks great
  • Lower quality buttons

7. G-Star Raw Men’s Vodan 3d Slim Jacket – One of the Best Men’s Denim Jackets with an Urban Style Canvas to Make Your Own

Ever since it became popular towards the end of the 19th century, raw denim has been one of the most iconic materials used in the creation of pants and jackets alike, as well as a symbol of American values and influences. The trend has since swept the globe and manufacturers from around the world are producing amazing creations. We’d go so far as to say that some of the best men’s denim jackets don’t come from the USA nowadays, the Vodan 3D Slim from G-Star Raw serving as a fine example.

This Dutch clothing company has the interests of its customers and the environment set as its most important principles, coming up with new and sustainable ways to bring their urban wear to everyone. The Vodan 3D slim jacket fits into this scheme very well since it is almost completely made out of cotton. The other ingredient, elastane, makes up for only two percent of the composition, but its presence enhances the overall experience noticeably as the material provides just enough flex to eliminate the stiffness you’d expect to feel in the arms.

Its design is modern and sleek, augmented by the two large-sized breast pockets and small point collar. A sturdy zipper keeps it firmly secured while the row of buttons acts as a nice way to hide the zip line.

An annoyance we all face when first starting to wear denim apparel is the fact that its stiffness prevents unhindered movement until the garment has been worn for some time and is broken in. G-Star Raw have addressed this particular headache by pre-rinsing the jacket, making it softer and fit as intended straight away.

One of the things denim lovers look forward to the most are the unique lines and fading patches of color that appear after they’ve been wearing their clothes for some time. The Vodan’s dark color will serve as the ideal canvas for this process, and the more you wear this jacket, the faster it will truly become your own creation.

G-Star Raw have managed to win us over with their personal approach to making some of the best men’s denim jackets available today. On day one, this is a well-rounded, great looking jacket. A couple years from now it will be a unique and personal item, and we honestly can’t tell which of these has got us excited more.

  • Snug, flexible fit
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can shrink a little after washing

8. FLATSEVEN Mens Slim Fit Casual Premium Blazer  – One of the Most Stylish Business Casual Men’s Sport Jackets Done Right

There’s nothing wrong with a professional business look that impresses clients and intimidates competitors, but the limiting variety of colors and materials traditionally used in such clothing can make expressing yourself harder. Luckily, there’s an answer to your predicament that doesn’t stray too far from a more serious look, but lifts some of its restrictions, injecting the somewhat stale fashion with a bit of flair!

We’re talking about a sports jacket of course, with the slim fit casual blazer jacket from Flatseven, a brand that has made smart and sophisticated men’s wear their bread and butter. They decided to use rayon as the base fiber in this line of intriguing men’s sports jackets with polyester as the 2nd most prevalent fabric, and we must admit that the results stand out. Not only does this give the jacket a characteristic sheen, but it makes the garment light, breathable and very similar to clothing made out of natural fibers. They’ve also taken great advantage of both of the fabrics’ superb color absorption qualities, offering the jacket up in a myriad of different colors so practically anyone can find the right one for their personal style.

Appearance-wise this is a snazzy jacket you’ll enjoy wearing to a casual cocktail party or to spectate at your favorite sporting event. Just try not to spill anything on it as prominent stains are difficult to get rid of. Its streamlined build and an extra-long collar that is secured with a single prominent button in front really does make you look slimmer and more defined. Naturally, the jacket can only help so much, so if you are of a sturdier persuasion your mileage may vary on this.

Keep in mind that the handkerchief is stitched onto the breast pocket and isn’t removable. Also, the buttons on the cuffs seem to be a point of contention among buyers where some feel that they detract from the jacket’s overall appearance.

At this price point, you’ll be hard pressed to find quality men’s sports jackets with a similar level of comfort, customization, and effort put forth to produce the final result. The really outstanding feature here is the material itself – it has almost sweatshirt-like properties, but it definitely doesn’t feel misused with this particular style. Flatseven strive to provide well-fitting, comfortable products and we’re happy to report that this jacket isn’t an exception.

  • Light, breathable and cool
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Attractive price
  • Hard to clean if stained

9. Calvin Klein Men’s Heather Wool Bomber Jacket – One of the Only Men’s Casual Jackets That Turn Heads

If you’d like to stay warm and look cool doing it in an instantly recognizable way, then you needn’t look further than a sleek bomber jacket. Coming about because of the cold hard necessity of keeping bomber pilots warm and comfortable during their long and arduous missions, it has since taken on a civilian life of its own and is among the most versatile and elegant men’s casual jackets that sell out season after season.

Calvin Klein knows how to sniff out customers’ sensibilities and offer a wide range of bomber jackets comprised of various materials and featuring a multitude of color schemes. Even though there’s quite a selection to peruse, the unusual yet appealing heather wool design of this one caught our eye and wouldn’t let us look away. We must admit that Calvin Klein has managed to simulate the differently colored intertwining fiber pattern distinctive to heather very well, giving the jacket an unmistakable look.

The polyurethane face and rayon/polyester back help provide adequate warmth while the jacket’s elastic waist and sleeves do a great job of keeping it from escaping. It is light and doesn’t feel cumbersome when worn, which means that you will have to trade it in for a coat once real winter comes along. Still, it can hold its own up until the temperature starts to drop into the low 30s / high 20s, which is more than can be said for many other men’s casual jackets.

Keep in mind that, true to the bomber jacket design, this one is a bit on the shorter side. Also, the collar is there primarily as a good looking decoration, so don’t expect it to protect you from the wind if the need arises.

All in all, we genuinely liked the Calvin Klein Wool Bomber Jacket, both as a fashion accessory and as a functional piece that fits in perfectly with the time of year when you still can’t go out without a jacket on, but wearing that cumbersome winter coat isn’t a good idea any more either. The recognizable pattern looks great when zipped up, but can be paired up successfully with layered clothing too, allowing you to experiment with a number of different looks, all of which will surely not disappoint.

  • Distinctive design makes it stand out
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Fits snugly
  • Might be too short for some
  • Small collar

10. The North Face Mens Apex Flex GTX Jacket – One of the Best Men’s Rain Jackets That Can Keep You Dry in Any Weather

Are you the outdoorsy type who doesn’t mind their communion with the wild being interrupted by the occasional drizzle… or downpour, but would still like to remain as dry as possible and weather the storm? In that case, solid men’s rain jackets are a must, and we’ve found just the thing. Check out our men’s Apex Flex GTX review of your best new portable rain shelter.

With this jacket, The North Face had a singular purpose in mind – not allowing a single droplet of rain to get past its defenses and onto the clothing or skin underneath. It has a built-in Gore-Tex membrane – that alone should be enough to convince you of its properties. On top of that though, everything from the adjustable hood and cuffs through its lined pockets, even down to the polyurethane zipper is completely and utterly waterproof. It really excels in temperate climates where the winters are never too cold and the weather can be unpredictable. We were pleasantly surprised at just how much freedom of movement the Apex Flex GTX allowed for. It’s soft and flexible shell gives you the mobility needed to perform various tasks around the campsite, and its sturdy construction makes moving through underbrush and various other obstacles safer and less of an annoyance.

From a design standpoint, one can really see that this jacket’s utilitarian nature doesn’t mean that The North Face have skimped out on making it attractive as well. Actually, we believe that the precision-tailored construction makes up a great part of its charm – the stitching is clean and crisp, its lines are well defined and everything just feels in place.

While this might very well be among the best-built men’s rain jackets out there, making you waterproof is its defining function. In other words, don’t mistake it as a substitute for a warm parka or a breezy jacket intended for higher temperatures, because it isn’t trying to be one.

The Apex Flex GTX is hands down one of the best men’s jackets we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Whether you’re planning to wear it on hunting expeditions and day hikes or simply need a reliable jacket that will keep you warm and dry on a long morning commute, this will get the job done without fail, day in and day out, for as long as you need it to.

  • Superb waterproof build
  • Flexible and durable
  • Surprisingly breathable
  • Not suited for extreme climates

Men’s Jackets Buyer’s Guide

Since this overview covers so many different kinds of jackets we won’t go into the specific things you should keep in mind for every model, but we did write down some key points that are applicable for any jacket regardless of its form or function to help you make a smarter final choice.

  • Size and Fit – In this day and age incredible deals and the best selection anywhere leads us to buy more and more things online. Even though the convenience alone is a great reason to do so, you should really take note of other people’s reviews in regards to sizes when buying clothes on the internet. The worst is buying something that is way too big or way too small and then having to go through the hassle of returning it.
  • Quality and Price – Even the best men’s jackets can get damaged over time. If you find that you can’t buy more than one adequate jacket, a good rule of thumb is to go for time-tested coat designs that will make you look as attractive next year as they would have five years ago. It is also important to try and get the best quality product that your budget will allow for. Spending a few extra dollars on a sturdier piece from a trustworthy brand might set you back a bit more initially, but will pay dividends in the long run since you won’t need to replace it so soon.
  • Details – Even though buying the first jacket you like based on appearance alone isn’t the worst of ideas, you’ll really want to take the time and research some of its features and ask yourself how they mesh with your personal preferences and needs. Does that winter jacket come with a removable hood? Can the cuffs on that topcoat you’re eyeing be adjusted? Is the elastic on that windbreaker too tight? All of these are things you might look over in the initial excitement of buying new clothing, but they can start to gnaw on you after a time and leave you dissatisfied with the purchase if not nipped in the bud.
  • Care and Maintenance – Taking care of your jackets is essential if you’re hoping to have them around for a while. This is especially true for natural materials, each of which has its own needs and challenges. For example, sealant needs to be applied to leather to make it waterproof and it should subsequently be conditioned and cleaned with products that are specifically designed to make leather presentable again without damaging it. Wool is sensitive to degradation caused by sunlight and improper washing, and should be treated delicately. Cotton can be easily colored, but that same color tends to bleed out when washed, leaving your garments dull and less vibrant. We suggest you carefully read your jacket’s label as it contains instructions on how to handle it, as well as to read up on some more advanced techniques online.

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