Are you at that stage in your strength training where dumbbells and barbells alone just won’t do?

Would you like to bring a taste of your local gym’s more advanced equipment right into your basement or rec room?

It’s obvious that you need the best power rack possible, and this small guide is here to help you choose!

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Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Best Power Rack 2020

The Cap Barbell Power Rack is designed to accommodate pressure of up to 300 pounds, you can exercise on the rack either with weights or using your own body weight for pull ups etc. When doing the latter, the rack remains rooted to the ground and there’s no noticeable wobble, giving you a safe and stable exercise experience.

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Below is a table of the 5 Best Power Rack, Best Power Racks 2020. Each power rack have been recommended for your convenience!

Rack ImageRack NameWeight CapacityFull HeightPrice
Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand1000lbs85" Check Price
Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage800lbs84" Check Price
Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage1500lbs86" Check Price
Marcy Olympic Strength Cage300lbs87" Check Price
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment800lbs85.5" Check Price
Once you’re past that beginner stage where the weights aren’t as heavy and you are totally committed to improving your health and physique better, certain challenges start to appear. In a home environment, there’s often no one else around to make sure you’ve got the right form and to help if something happens. A power rack is there to make your workout safer and more effective – having one in your home gym opens up dozens of exercises you couldn’t have done safely before. Since it offers stability and failsafes that will protect you from accidents, a power rack is the ideal all-in-one exercise machine to give you both the confidence and the workout options to make your gains sky high!

One doesn’t come cheap though. After all, you wouldn’t want to entrust your health and safety to some poorly-made model from God knows where. This guide was written to keep that from happening! In it there are in-depth reviews of 5 power racks you’ll get your money’s worth from and then some. Everything you need to know about each is clearly outlined, plus you get to read up on a few general tips on buying the power rack you’ll love to use regularly after that.

The basics are covered, so let’s continue straight to the power rack reviews!

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1. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand – Overall the Best Power Rack

Do you need a reliable power rack to help you with a wide variety of strength-building exercises like pull ups or squats? How about the best power rack from Cap which comes as part of a combo deal that’s almost impossible to beat!

What you have here is a whole exercise system that offers both outstanding usefulness and incredible value for money. There’s your half-rack that’s ideal for rope climbs, chin-ups, squats or rack lifts. It is accompanied by a polished steel Olympic bar which has a respectable weight limit of a thousand pounds, and a weight bench useful for bench presses, dumbbells and more.

The rack itself isn’t heavy, but it is durable as it is constructed from steel and coated by a protective finish. It comes with an assembly manual which is easy to follow, so you should be able to put everything together in no time. Once that’s done and you’ve secured everything, you’ll find that the rack doesn’t take up much space at all.

Designed to accommodate pressure of up to 300 pounds, you can exercise on the rack either with weights or using your own body weight for pull ups etc. When doing the latter, the rack remains rooted to the ground and there’s no noticeable wobble, giving you a safe and stable exercise experience.

Remember that the rack is on the lighter side. This might pose a problem when you kip as the rack tends to sway during those kinds of exercises. Fortunately, it has a slot you can put weights into which stabilizes it, making this a non-issue if used in a well-stocked home gym where appropriate weights are available.

Cap’s 3-in-1 combo is hands down one of the best power racks I’ve put through its paces. Both by looking at and using it, you’d think that you paid much more money for a premium-grade product. That premium grade is definitely there, but so is a price that’s more than tempting. It’s the perfect rack for beginner and intermediate lifters who want to achieve quicker gains, and is well worth every penny you spend on it.

  • Sturdy construction
  • All three pieces are of outstanding quality
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Needs to be weighed down when doing kips

2. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage – The Best Fitness Power Rack for Advanced Users

Cap’s rack won out over Fitness Reality’s model solely because of its accessibility and beginner-friendliness. More experienced fitness freaks may find that they need a rack that’s a bit more robust and which can push their bodies past the 300-pound mark for squats and rack lifts. It’s safe to say that the 810XLT is up to that challenge, and much more.

Out of the box, you’ll notice how Fitness Reality has painstakingly made sure that putting the rack together is as easy as can be. Every step is clearly outlined and even the various screws are marked with the number of the step they’re used in. Expect to be over with this often times frustrating bit in an hour at most!

Assembled, this is a rock-solid, two-by-two steel frame cage that offers plenty of space vertically and horizontally. Unlike a Smith machine that puts a noticeable limit on your movement when squatting or doing bench presses, the 810XLT makes them safer with your range of motion fully intact. For even better results, you can get the accompanying bench and expand the number of exercises in your routine.

With a maximum capacity of 800 pounds, this is one hefty rack! The best thing about it is that there’s no need to bolt it down as the cage is stable enough on its own. You can adjust the safety bars to 19 varying heights. Pull up bars and a pushup bar are included too. The pull up bars can also be installed upside down, which is great if your basement has a lower ceiling.

While the rack’s steel construction is very good, its plastic pieces could have been made better. After intense use some of them start to bend out of shape and can scratch easily. If you’re getting your rack over the Internet, make sure that the box it ships in contains all the pieces.

Excluding some of these issues, you’re still left with probably the best fitness power rack for people who are way past their beginner stages. The 810XLT Super Max power cage offers unparalleled stability and room to exercise in, plus you’ll barely feel a dent in your wallet given its quality. See for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Very stable
  • Offers a reasonable amount of bars and bar adjustments
  • Excellent steel make
  • Plastic parts aren’t as good as the rest of the rack

3. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage – The Best Power Rack with Lat Attachment

The two racks above are both ideal for in-home use, and for the person that hasn’t an almost daily need to go to the gym and make use of the most advanced equipment there. What if you’re the kind of guy or girl who’d like to have such an advanced rack in their own home and isn’t bothered by the step up in price? Fitness Reality has a beast of a power rack in store for you then.

Everything about the rack suggests that it was designed to offer a gym-level exercise experience. This isn’t just evident in the overkill 1500-pound weight limit and the dense steel used in the frame’s construction, but also in the rack’s versatility. There are a bar each for low rows and lats, two rubber-handled dip bars you can adjust and two safety bars useful for spotting and setting your weights on after a workout. In total, you can do over 20 diverse exercises with the help of this power rack, which is quite something.

Nothing strengthens your arms, shoulders and back quite like a series of lat exercises, and this is the best power rack with lat attachment to do these with. You can grip the lat bar comfortably and without fear of it slipping from your hands. The pulley system supports both standard and Olympic weights and gives you a smooth experience. Even if you put the weights only on one side, there’s no jerkiness in its operation.

There’s really nothing wrong with this power rack! I’m really struggling to find any fault with its build as the machine works incredibly well. You’ll have to pay more for this level of quality, which is understandable and justified, but that’s about it. Not a bad “flaw” to have if you ask me.

When you consider all that’s been said about it, this power rack by Fitness Reality stands out as a top tier piece of exercise equipment. Not only is it well-made and will help you improve by leaps and bounds once you start taking advantage of its full potential – it’s possibly the only power rack you’ll ever need, making the steep price well worth it.

  • Exceptional real weight capacity and stability
  • Good quality and responsive lat system
  • Can be used to perform many different exercises
  • A bit pricey

4. Marcy Olympic Strength Cage – The Best Power Rack Cage for an Efficient Workout

Marcy is a company that was founded on the lifelong practical bodybuilding experiences of Walter Marcyan, and has been making top of the line exercise equipment since the 1950s. Its focus is on practical, flexible products that offer the support you need to excel as an athlete. The Olympic strength cage is a true embodiment of this philosophy.

The most noteworthy thing about this rack is how clever its construction is. Every inch of steel and cable is laid out in a functional way and often has much more than a single use. There are the low and high pulleys you’ll use to refine the strength of your lower and upper body, a set of dip bars for developing your core and triceps, some innovative pull up bars that vary in their angles of placement so you can focus on different back and arm muscles, and a lot more!

Whichever exercise you’re currently doing, Marcy has made sure that you’re as comfortable as possible. The dip bars have generous foam padding, as do the lat bar and leg anchors which keep your legs locked into place. There’s even a small rack you can store all of your plates, kettlebells and dumbbells in, making this perhaps the best rack cage when it comes to practicality and space-saving features.

The only real downside to this rack is its lack of safety bars. You can always purchase them separately, but at this price range, it’s definitely an oversight. Additionally, you’ll need to pay attention to the height of the room you plan on setting the rack up in. The pull up bars’ height is around 8 feet. Add another foot as a precaution to avoid head injury, so putting it in a room that’s at least 9 feet tall is a must.

I can safely say that Marcy’s goal has been accomplished – this is a smart, functional and effective power rack you’ll keep finding new uses for even after you’ve spent a couple of months thoroughly taking advantage of it. It has everything you need for a full-body workout and then some, which makes the power rack a powerful addition to any serious home gym.

  • Multiple workout stations to train all parts of your body
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can store your other equipment
  • Doesn’t include safety bars

5. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment – The Best Powerlifting Rack

The fifth and final item in the guide is the BD-7, quite a popular rack made by Valor fitness. Since it offers a slew of features you wouldn’t find on power racks made with less attention to the user’s safety and potential for progress, you’ll see why it’s a favorite among home gym enthusiasts when you assemble and start to use it.

Provided you weigh less than 350 pounds, this power rack will give you all the stability you’ll need for any number of exercises with or without a bench. The 12-gague steel it’s made from is shaped into a sturdy frame you can bolt down to the floor, but this isn’t a must.

Considering its reasonable price, the BD-7 comes with a good number of welcome accessories. Most notable are the high and low pulley system and the well-made safety bars. There are 17 different height positions to choose from for the two included bar supports, providing a secure way for you to let go of the barbell at any time without causing injury. All of these safety features compound into making the BD-7 the best powerlifting rack for serious weights.

For storage, there are six pegs you can hang different standard weights from. There’s also a pull up station. It has just one bar, but the bar has a knurled handle, giving you a much better grip than one with a regular, smooth surface.

At a depth of two feet, the room you have inside the rack is just enough to perform exercises which don’t require a bench. If you were planning on adding one to it, there might be some issues with the bench’s proper fit. Also, there’s no way to store Olympic weights on the rack’s pegs without getting an attachment that’s sold separately.

Valor Fitness’ VD-7 is one of the most dependable power racks for home use you can pick up today. No compromises were made to ensure it gives you a good foundation for all of your strength-based workouts. What can you expect from the BD-7? Steady improvement enhanced by a solid piece of exercise equipment that will always have your back!

  • Efficient use of space
  • Solid number of different training stations
  • Very secure
  • You have to get adapter sleeves if you want to store Olympic weights on it

Power Rack Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’re no longer in the dark and know what a good power rack is supposed to look like, it’s time to refine your choice. For that, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Space Concerns – When it comes to power racks, bigger is generally better in the sense that more room for your routine is always something you should aim for. Problems happen when you have limited space in your garage, basement etc. to store the rack in. Standard-sized racks have a steel frame supported by four supports, while a half-rack has only two and can’t accommodate as many different exercises. The ceiling is another spacial factor – 9 feet is a safe minimum for most power racks that have pull up stations.
  • Useful Accessories – It’s easy to get bogged down with how many accessories the thing comes with when choosing the best power rack. Five different pull up bars and a low row attachment look nice in the features section, but aren’t necessarily important to your exercise regime. Take a bit of time to think on what you’ll be using your power rack for the most, and whether that’s likely to change in the future as you progress. Taking into account current and potential needs will help you buy a rack now and never need a new one afterwards.
  • Assembly and Stability – Thank goodness you need to assemble the power rack only once, because doing so can really be a chore if the manufacturer doesn’t provide clear instructions. Getting a rack that takes ages to assemble can suck out all the joy out of your new purchase, so dig up some info beforehand on how easy your chosen model is to put together. Some power racks are lighter than others. Not only can they support less weight, but they need to be secured to the ground to prevent them from tipping over. Make sure that your rack has anchor holes and can be secured to the floor before attempting any kipping exercises on it.

Photo Credit: Korey Moore

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