Do you want to keep your cellphones, tablets and other devices fully charged no matter where you are?

How about doing that off the grid with the renewable green energy of the sun?

Take a look inside this detailed guide to find out how that energy can help you lead a more independent life and choose the best solar phone charger to make it happen!

Editor’s Choice

RUIPU 24000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Best Solar Phone Charger 2020

The RUIPU charger’s capacity is huge! When full, you can plug three tablets into it and still have plenty of juice to spare once all of them are done charging. The three USB ports allow for very efficient simultaneous charging, saving you time and, if you mostly fill the charger up with solar power, considerable money on electric bills.

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Below is a table of the 10 Best Solar Phone Charger 2020. Each solar phone charger have been recommended for your convenience!

Solar Phone Charger ImageSolar Phone Charger NameCharge CapacityWater ResistancePrice
RUIPU 24000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank27,000 mAhNo Check Price
KEDRON Solar Charger 22000mAh External Battery22,000 mAhNo Check Price
FKANT Waterproof 16000mAh Solar Charger16,000 mAhYes Check Price
Anker 15W Dual USB Solar Chargern/aYes Check Price
Hobest Solar Charger12,000 mAhYes Check Price
ADDTOP Solar Charger 12000mAh Power Bank12,000 mAhYes Check Price
Nekteck 20W Solar Chargern/aYes Check Price
SOS20K 20000 mAh Rugged Power Bank20,000 mAhYes Check Price
ECEEN Folding Solar Panel Phone Chargern/aYes Check Price
BlitzWolf 15W Solar Panel Phone Chargern/aYes Check Price
Modern cell phones occupy our day-to-day lives more and more. They’re constantly being updated to support the newest apps and additional gadgets. All the while, batteries are as small and inefficient as they were five years ago, reducing the time we get to enjoy our phones with each new generation. Having extra power available wherever and whenever you need it is becoming more of a necessity, especially when an outlet is nowhere in sight while you’re on vacation or somewhere far away from civilization.

Nowadays you can choose where the energy which powers your phone comes from. Solar technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and safe, free & a hundred percent pure power source is finally available for you to tap into with the help of solar phone chargers.

What kind of charger do you go for though? Should you get one with a power bank or without? Getting clear answers with good examples on your own can be bothersome, so I’ve gone ahead and did the research by rounding up dozens of chargers and testing them out in the open. The ten best ones made it into the guide, and their reviews are here for you to enjoy. Once you’ve studied them and the general buyer’s guide that follows, the benefits of these useful devices may persuade you to go off the grid in a green way yourself.

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Are you all charged-up and ready to explore the reviews? Great, then let’s go!

1. RUIPU 24000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank – Overall the Best Solar Phone Charger

How many times did you find yourself in need of charging your home and work phones as well as your tablet, all at the same time? It’s really annoying when there’s so much charging to be done and enough USB ports are nowhere in sight. Ruipu’s compact charger is here to save you from this of headache!

As you can see from its name, the charger’s capacity is huge! When full, you can plug three tablets into it and still have plenty of juice to spare once all of them are done charging. The three USB ports allow for very efficient simultaneous charging, saving you time and, if you mostly fill the charger up with solar power, considerable money on electric bills.

Apart from using the sun as a power source, the device can be recharged via a USB connection to your PC, or the old-fashioned way by using an adapter and an outlet. It has two built-in LED flashlights, and comes with a mini USB fan to cool you off during the summer.

For a solar charger with such great features, it’s surprising that no form of carabiner or suction cups are included with it. You won’t be able to put it on your window or let It hang from your backpack, but place the charger on a smooth surface, let it bask in the sun and it will start charging just as well.

Peerless capacity, the ability to charge so many devices at once and a considerable 18-month warranty make this the best solar phone charger in the guide! If you use it intensely, it won’t only give you great service, but will practically pay for itself in a matter of months.

  • Huge capacity
  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Handy accessories
  • Can’t be attached with anything out of the box

2. KEDRON Solar Charger 22000mAh External Battery – The 2nd best Solar Powered Phone Charger

I have to admit that choosing the best solar powered phone charger was not an easy matter, Kedron’s excellent model being the main reason why. Its capabilities are very similar to what Ruipu has to offer, and it lost the first place only by a hair’s breadth.

On the surface, the two chargers look practically the same, save for the light indicator and case color. At 22000 mAh, this charger’s capacity is just a bit smaller and shouldn’t be noticed by anyone but the most intense users. Again, there are three USB ports to maximize charging efficiency. A useful thing about the device is that other than USB, it supports Lightning and micro-USB too, so you can charge any manner of Android and Apple devices with it.

The smart indicator light stops blinking and changes shades once the device is fully charged, which shouldn’t take unreasonably long given its three charging methods. A lot of effort has been made to make the charger safe to use and compatible with a wide array of different devices.

Apart from the same drawback Ruipu’s charger suffers from, there’s really not that much to complain about, except maybe its weight. Of course, this is meaningless in a household environment, but at just over a pound, it does add a bit of weight to your backpack if you plan on taking it with you to a camping trip.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as a very solid alternative to the guide’s overall champion! Other than the weight and marginally smaller capacity, it will charge your devices up just as good. There’s even a small price difference in its favor, so if you’d like to save a couple of bucks from the get go, it’s another compelling reason to get this charger.

  • Very big capacity
  • Can accommodate devices with different cables
  • A bit heavy

3. FKANT Waterproof 16000mAh Solar Charger – The Best Solar Cell Phone Charger for Long Outdoor Use

It’s one thing to have a reliable charger to take with you on a sunny day hike, and another thing entirely to have to rely on the device in any kind of weather. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a storm out in the woods with a dead cellphone battery and hence no GPS! Fkant’s charger eliminates this problem, and is the perfect charging device for the seasoned outdoorsman.

As soon as you lift it up, you’ll notice how well-built the charger is. The heavy-duty plastic construction of its frame makes it durable and resistant to impact. You can let it hang from your pack since there’s a hole you can attach a carabiner to. What’s more, the charger is waterproof for up to three feet and will survive even heavy rainfall with ease. Once the sun starts shining again, its solar panels will kick in and help with recharging your equipment.

Its capacity is a respectable 16000 mAh, plenty to charge your phone fully four times or more, allowing for extended stays in the wild without losing out on the benefits of modern technology. There’s also a powerful 4 LED flashlight that will brighten up the darkest cave. You can set it to work constantly or to send out an SOS signal.

While this device is fantastic as a survival tool, the solar charging part could use some refining. It needs to be exposed to direct sunlight and even then recharging it takes long. The manufacturer suggests to use it in this way only as a backup and rely on electricity for charging it instead.

Fkant made the best solar cell phone charger to use in the great outdoors, no matter the circumstances. You can be sure that it will survive pretty much anything the elements can throw at it and fill your phone up normally afterwards. If you’re looking for a reliable charger to take with you out into the wilds, you’ve found it!

  • Very durable
  • Waterproof
  • Has carabiner attachment and powerful flashlight
  • Solar charging needs improvement

4. Anker 15W Dual USB Solar Charger – The Best Solar Phone Charger for Backpacking

Maybe you’re not the type of person who doesn’t mind grueling weather though. If the extent of your outdoor activity is a backpacking trip in fair weather conditions during which you still want to be able to have access to your tablet or phone, you might want to give Anker’s innovative solar charger a try.

It boasts two large solar panels that fold up when it isn’t in use. Placed on the ground or left dangling from the back of your pack, it can provide continuous solar power to two USB devices. Anker is proud of their proprietary PowerIQ charging technology which utilizes more of the sun’s power than their competitors and quickly figures out the optimum charging rate for each device you plug into the charger, maximizing the effectiveness and speed of the recharge.

You wouldn’t want to keep your precious devices out in the sun, so the charger comes with a handy pouch they’re placed in while it does its thing. The pouch can even protect them from a light drizzle, giving you time to store the phones / tablets / e-book readers somewhere safe.

Remember that this is a solar charger only and that it does NOT have its own power bank! Your devices will charge only while it is exposed to direct sunlight, so once you get inside or clouds start rolling in, the charger stops doing its job.

Provided you aren’t dead set on braving mountain trails in harsh weather, this is the best solar phone charger for backpacking around. Lightweight, portable and supremely efficient, it gives you a clean and clever way of keeping your gadgets topped off anywhere in nature.

  • Effective solar charging
  • Offers weather protection to charging devices
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Has no power bank

5. Hobest Solar Charger – Best Solar Charger for Phone Charging Done Quickly

One of the shortcomings of most phone chargers is that they take longer to fill your phone up than an adapter because of the limitations of the standard USB port. This charger produced by Hobest does its best to make that problem a thing of the past.

Expect your devices to be fueled up and ready to go faster than before thanks to its 2.1A input which reduces the time a normal charger would take by half. This comes in very handy for tablets that take much longer to recharge than cellphones.

An overview of its other features shows that this is really a somewhat less capable, more compact version of the charger made by Fkant. It has been designed with outdoor use in mind, featuring a waterproof solidly-built exterior, two bright LED lights, a hanger and USB ports for two devices. Its capacity totals 12000 mAh, making it able to provide 75 percent of the Fkant’s power, which is still plenty to charge two phones up two times.

The charger’s interior is another matter. After accidentally dropping mine to the floor, the USB housing came loose and started rattling inside the charger. Hobest was swift in clearing up the matter and sending a replacement. Nevertheless, improperly secured internal components are something you should be aware of.

Taking better care of it than I did will eliminate this problem though, and if you look past it, this device has most of the characteristics you’d want from the best solar charger for phone use. It’s also one of the least expensive chargers I’ve reviewed, which is another feature in its favor if you’re on the fence.

  • Recharges devices quickly
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Internal components prone to damage if handled incorrectly

6. ADDTOP Solar Charger 12000mAh Power Bank – The Best Cell Phone Solar Charger if You’re on a Budget

The next solar phone charger I’ll be looking at is made by Addtop. It’s the cheapest product I’ve included, and a good example of a cost-effective gadget that performs as advertised. Unlike so many equally cheap alternatives that fail to hold a charge or outright die after you’ve used them a time or two, this is a model you can depend on, and the best cell phone solar charger for budget-conscious buyers.

It has a lot of features we’ve encountered before like a 12000mAh power capacity, a rugged frame and the ability to withstand water damage to a degree. What makes it different from already reviewed models are the inclusion of a working compass and a huge flashlight made up of nine LEDs.

As is the case with pretty much every charger of this size, don’t expect the solar panel to be of much use if the charger is depleted and you need it back at full strength quickly. It’s great for slowing the rate at which the already charged power bank loses power when delivering it to other devices, and that’s what it should mainly be used for.

All in all, Addtop’s charger gives you the freedom to go out and discover new things without being tied down to the grid. You’ll always know which direction you’re facing, have ample light to read by or explore, and have a fully-charged cellphone at the ready when you carry this device with you. Pretty sweet, right?

  • Compass & large flashlight
  • Affordable
  • Solar charging could be more effective

7. Nekteck 20W Solar Charger – The Best Solar Charger for Cell Phone Portable Charging

Here we have another solar charger which doesn’t come with its own power bank. What it does come with – large, lightweight panels which are easy to use and carry around, make Nekteck’s solar charger a worthwhile choice if you spend a lot of time out in the sun.

Its design is nearly identical to that of Anker’s model, an additional solar panel being the most notable difference. It doesn’t quite have high enough of an output to charge your laptop, but the respectable 20 volts it puts out should be more than enough to simultaneously charge two smaller devices via USB.

Once you’re done with that you can fold the panels up and easily tuck the charger into your pack without feeling much of a weight increase. Even if you forget to put it away afterwards, the charger will not get damaged by dampness or light rain.

The trouble with this solar panel and others like it is how finicky it behaves during weather changes. All is fine and dandy while the sun shines, but as soon as you get under a tree or clouds appear, it stops charging. The best way to use the charger would be to charge a power bank with it first and then use that to continuously charge your phone.

It’s great that today’s technology allows us to strap devices like this one onto our backs and replenish other ones without thinking about it. Whether this particular one is the best solar charger for cell phone charging in that way is debatable, but it certainly comes close.

  • Handy & lightweight
  • Provides powerful charge
  • Works only in direct sunlight

8. SOS20K 20000 mAh Rugged Power Bank – The Best Solar Phone Charger for Camping

By now you’ve seen some pretty good chargers, and a few of them are able to take a beating. As the expression goes though, you ain’t seen nothing yet when that particular aspect of a charger is concerned. It’s time for the undisputed king of durability, able to take on the harshest of environments and deliver uninterrupted charge afterwards – Roamproof’s solar powered power bank!

This is the armored tank equivalent of a solar charger – there’s next to nothing regular use can do to it that will make it stop working. Hell, Roamproof did a series of brutal tests no electronics device should ever be subjected to, and their charger came out on top! This is the true definition of heavy-duty, and ought to keep powering your other stuff for years to come.

Speaking of its actual power capabilities, this model has a whopping 20000 mAh of power distributable to four different devices all at once through as many USB slots. Given such a large capacity, its recharge time of just over ten hours is amazing. Doing so through its solar panels is less efficient, but if you have a few days to spare it is also doable.

There’s just one catch to owning one of these bad boys, the price. You’ll have to set aside more than three times as much cash as you’d spend on most other models in the guide. If you regularly brave the wilderness in the most unforgiving conditions though and need the best solar phone charger for camping to keep upwith you, this is the one to splurge on.

If money was no object, the SOS20K would have easily been my overall top pick. As it stands now, this is an excellent solar charger for anyone who feels that the prohibitive price you’ll pay for its rock-solid build is worth it.

  • Extremely durable
  • Large capacity
  • Can power four devices at once
  • Expensive

9. ECEEN Folding Solar Panel Phone Charger – The Best Phone Solar Charger for When You’re on the go in the City

You don’t need to be out in nature to take full advantage of the sun’s energy – a day spent in the city or lounging around on your patio is an equally great opportunity to get some environmentally-friendly charging done. Eceen’s solar charger might just be the right one to do this with effectively.

The main reason I’m hesitant to recommend this as a charger for the outdoorsy type is its design. There are two large panels which easily fold together and are secured by a zipper. There are no carabiner attachments, so you won’t be able to carry it that way. Finding a nice flat spot somewhere in the city though and enjoying a cup of coffee while your phone is being replenished is a fine way of using it.

Unlike other chargers in the guide that don’t have power banks, this one doesn’t have a protective pouch either. This creates a problem where the device has to be in direct sunlight to work properly, while the phones it charges mustn’t be exposed to it. You’ll have to improvise some kind of cover for them in order to solve this issue.

Its ultra-lightweight and compact design make this the best phone solar charger for use in urban environments. If you’ve got the time to spare and can seize a sunny day, it will recharge two of your devices in a couple of hours and make you ready to get back out there.

  • Compact design
  • Fast recharge rate
  • No protective cover for charging devices

10. BlitzWolf 15W Solar Panel Phone Charger – Efficiency-wise, the Best Portable Solar Phone Charger

Although we’re already enjoying huge benefits by powering a part of our lives with the sun’s rays, there’s still a long way to go until we can get the most out of it. Solar chargers are no exception – most of them can take advantage of only 15 percent of the rays which shine onto them. BlitzWolf on the other hand pushes the boundaries of power efficiency with their phone charger by quite a margin.

This charger is about one and a half times as effective at energy conversion as a run-of-the-mill competitor. This translates into shorter recharge times, still getting power when it’s overcast and even the ability to charge the same phone twice in one day if you use it intensely to pinpoint your location via GPS, capture high-quality videos etc.

Apart from being so efficient, BlitzWolf’s charger is also equipped with a smart technology which figures out each of your devices’ maximum allowed charge rate and doesn’t go over it, charging them as quickly and safely as possible. Automatic charge restarts are even more impressive – other charges might not resume delivering power to your phone once you’re out of the woods and sunlight is accessible again. As soon as its sensors pick up the sun again, BlitzWolf’s charger kicks in again and no time goes to waste!

It comes advertised with an output of 15V, but the true output is sadly lower. Although there are USB ports for two devices, only one at a time can be charged effectively.

Provided you power one phone at a time, this is the best portable solar phone charger to do it with. Leading efficiency, smart functionality and a generous warranty are all compelling reasons to buy this model. The completely independent and free energy it provides is just icing on the cake.

  • Very light and compact
  • Efficiently charges single devices
  • Can’t power two devices at once effectively

Solar Phone Charger Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a quick general recap of what choices you’ll need to make when deciding on a solar phone charger. Take them to heart to make shopping for one easier.

  • Capacity – Usually the first thing you check for when deciding on the best solar phone charger is its capacity, measured in milliamp hours (mAh). The bigger its capacity, the more devices it can replenish before needing some itself. Chargers with the biggest capacity also take the longest to reach it, requiring up to two whole days to do so via USB cable. For the best results, you’ll always want to charge yours from the power grid via an adapter, using solar and USB-charging as a backup.
  • Versatility – Most solar phone chargers are designed to work exclusively with phones and other similar devices which require a standard 5V USB port. However, some advanced models offer you the choice of 15,20V and more. This opens up new possibilities, allowing you to charge more power-hungry devices like laptops. Consider paying more for this feature if you’d like the added versatility it brings.
  • Size – The power and efficiency of a solar charger’s actual output is largely determined by the size and quality of its solar panels. Smaller models you can easily hold in your hand come with ample power storage and don’t have the necessary panel area to produce meaningful amounts of electricity and their solar feature is best used as backup in emergencies.

To get noticeable capabilities out of it, a charger’s panel area needs to be many times larger. While these kinds of models will power up your gadgets just fine, there are no power banks to fall back on, making them work only as long as the sun shines brightly. You’ll have to decide whether storage of conventional power is more important than using the sun’s energy to the fullest when buying your charger.

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