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Are you an active person always on the go?

If so, you’re probably looking for a water bottle that matches your active lifestyle.

It’s always nice to have a water bottle with you so you can quickly refill and go about with the rest of your day!

Which is why we created a list of recommendations for the best water bottles for all walks (and runs) of life to make sure that we got you covered!

Editor’s Choice

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

Best Water Bottles 2020

It’s the wide mouth of the Nalgene Tritan water bottles that makes it a standout feature. It allows you to fill the bottle up almost instantly. At 32 ounces you’ll have plenty to drink all day, even if you’re doing something strenuous like rock climbing. There are measuring lines inside of it, so you can always know how much liquid is left over and fill it back up when you start to run low.

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Below is the table which shows the 7 Best Water Bottles 2020. Each water bottle are top rated and listed for your convenience!

Bottle ImageBottle NameBPA FreeSizePrice
Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle (Editor's Choice)Yes32 oz Check Price
LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Gravity-Fed Water PurifierYes23 oz Check Price
Buddy Pouch H2OYes7 oz Check Price
Hydracy Infuser Water Bottle with Full Length Infusion RodYes32 oz Check Price
Healthy Human Water Bottle YesVarious Check Price
CamelBak Podium Big Chill Insulated Water BottleYes25 oz Check Price
GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Filter BottleYes11 oz Check Price

Drinking enough water each day is one of the easiest and most effective ways of helping to keep your health in peak condition. It doesn’t only make your skin look younger and keep you from eating too much – more importantly, it helps maintain the balance of fluids in your body, assists your kidneys in getting rid of toxins and keeps your energy levels up.

Keeping some water with you at all times is a must, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and often push your body for more. This is especially true when working out in the gym! The bottle you carry it in might not seem to be that important, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference the right kind of bottle can make between having to drink warm, stale water and being refreshed by great-tasting, cool watery goodness!

I’ve taken a closer look at seven different water bottles, each with their unique strengths and purposes. Any of them will be an excellent companion, you just have to pick one which complements your activities the best. Be sure to check out our Water Bottles Buying Guide at the end to help you find the perfect match without breaking a sweat.

With that said, let’s dive right into the reviews and get you the water bottle you’ll rely on for ages ASAP!

1. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle – Still the Best of the Best Water Bottles Around

In the world of water bottles, Nalgene is without a doubt the brand that’s been around forever, has a spotless track record in delivering the best possible results, and is practically synonymous with top-tier quality. Their wide mouth bottle is a new take on an old design, and the best kind of evidence that you sometimes just can’t improve upon something that’s already near perfect.

Unlike some wackier designs with lots of interesting curves, this bottle is as straightforward as can be – a round cylinder ending with a large mouth topped by a ribbed cap you can easily twist on and off. Form definitely follows function here, but it in no way takes away from the bottle’s timeless look. There are dozens of colors and motifs you can get it in, so you’ll be able to express your individuality.

The design might be the same, but Nalgene has done much to improve the very plastic the bottle is made from. The new variant has no BPAs, harmful chemicals that could have otherwise gone into the water after some use. Forget about the funky plastic smells in your beverages too – the bottle is very easily cleaned after each use and doesn’t start to smell after a while. Finally, the plastic used makes it durable but extremely light at the same time.

Its wide mouth is the bottle’s standout feature. It allows you to fill the bottle up almost instantly. At 32 ounces you’ll have plenty to drink all day, even if you’re doing something strenuous like rock climbing. There are measuring lines inside of it, so you can always know how much liquid is left over and fill it back up when you start to run low.

The only “complaint” I can think of is that since the mouth is so wide, you might have trouble drinking while you’re moving without spilling out some of the liquid. If you run a lot and take your water breaks on the go, this might be annoying.

When it comes to producing the best water bottles, Nalgene remains king. Their bottle’s durability, light weight and excellent overall performance make it an absolute must for anyone who loves leading an active lifestyle. Once you take a look at the price, you’ll probably buy one or two extra.

  • Light
  • Wide mouth
  • BPA-free and odorless
  • To avoid spilling, it needs to be used while standing still

2. LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Gravity-Fed Water Purifier – One of the Best Water Bottles with Filters

Nalgene’s bottle might be great for carrying around clean water or a sports drink, but what if you need to stay in a harsh environment where such luxuries aren’t available? A literally life-saving new filtration technology called LifeStraw is here to make a huge difference, and it now comes with its own high quality bottle.

LifeStraw is an exceptional water filter you can use to filter out almost all of the bacteria, hard particles and bad tastes out of any water source that isn’t otherwise contaminated with chemicals. A nearby stream, a stagnant pond, even a large mud puddle can produce water that’s safe to drink thanks to the LifeStraw!

With the addition of a tritan water bottle you can now scoop up the unclean water, screw the cap that holds the straw back in and drink from the bottle. It’s made from the same material as Nalgene’s model and has about the same characteristics. The major difference is with the bottle’s design and capacity of 23 ounces, but since you’ll be using water from your surroundings, the size isn’t all that important anyway.

Because it has only one compartment, there’s nowhere in the bottle you can store the water you’ll purify for later use. The dirty water gets filtered by sucking it through the straw’s many microscopic filters, meaning that the clean water goes straight into your mouth and can’t be shared with others.

As an essential personal survival tool for conditions that are much more demanding than an ordinary nature walk, the LifeStraw Go has got your back. One of the most innovative and best water bottles with filters that make water you wouldn’t dream of swallowing more than drinkable, it truly is a modern-day wonder, and a smart purchase.

  • Excellent water filtration
  • Made from tritan plastic
  • Isn’t affected by its capacity
  • Filtered water can’t be stored or shared

3. Buddy Pouch H2O – The Best Water Bottles for Runners

If you’re passionate about fitness or running and want to stay hydrated, your water bottle can’t be bulky and get in the way. Forget clunky and loose-fitting bottles – the Buddy Pouch is here to keep you cool on the go and goes toe to toe with the best running water bottles.

The secret to its success lies in the pouch itself. Rather than relying on buckles or straps to keep it secure, it has a flap you put inside your shorts which connects to the outside of the pouch via a magnet. No matter how fast you go or how much you bounce around, the water bottle remains snug inside the pouch.

As for the bottle itself, it is made from BPA-free plastic, comes with a mouthpiece made from soft rubber and is somewhat elastic. You can take the water bottle out of the pouch, squeeze some water into your mouth and put it back in without having to stop running. When you get home you can easily clean it either by hand or in the dishwasher.

You might find that the 7 ounces the bottle holds aren’t enough for you during summer days or longer runs. There’s also a 10-ounce version of the bottle available. It fits into the pouch but just barely, so expect the pouch to stretch to its limit with the larger bottle inside.

The best water bottles for running need to be light, small enough to not interfere with your movements and, most importantly, they need to be able to keep up! The Buddy Pouch passes with flying colors in all three areas, and once you test it out you’ll never want to leave home without taking it along with you.

  • Secure pouch
  • Lightweight bottle
  • Ideal for drinking while running
  • Bottle might be too small for some

4. Hydracy Infuser Water Bottle with Full Length Infusion Rod – The Best Infuser Water Bottles for a Healthier Lifestyle

Is ordinary water too boring for you? Would you like to add flavor to your water and make it much healthier for you at the same time? Infusing water with all sorts of different ingredients is more popular than ever, and now you can even do so when leaving your home with the Hydracy Infuser.

The idea is very simple – there’s a basket inside the bottle with holes in it. You place anything from vegetables and fruits to mint or tea etc. into it, and these infuse the water with their natural flavors and helpful ingredients, creating a great-tasting, refreshing beverage that’s also very healthy for you.

As for the bottle, it holds 32 ounces and is made from tritan plastic. Its sides are thick and insulated, which stops condensation from forming on the bottle and getting onto other things you might be carrying in your backpack or sports bag. The cap is easy to unscrew, giving you access to the infusion basket, and has a small drinking spout built into it for easier drinking while on the move.

There aren’t that many downsides to this bottle. If I had to nitpick and find any I’d say that the holes in the infuser are a little too big for herbs and tea leaves, so you shouldn’t use it with these if you don’t want to deal with the mess. Because of its rounded bottom, the infuser can’t be placed on a counter top on its own and filled. You’ll have to do this with the infuser either in the bottle, or inside of a cup.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best infuser water bottles to take care of your hydration levels and health concerns with all at once. It has a big capacity, great infusion basket and even comes with a recipe book that lets you expand your infusion horizons more.

  • Big infusion basket
  • Good grip
  • Next to no condensation
  • Basket holes too big for herbs
  • Basket can’t stand on its own

5. Healthy Human Water Bottle – The Best Hot Water Bottles You’ll Love to Use Daily

Although they might be great for storing, purifying or infusing water, all of the bottles reviewed so far have one shortcoming – the water inside them will eventually and rather quickly reach room temperature. They simply aren’t designed to keep your beverages hot or cold, but the Healthy Human water bottle sure is!

In this innovative product water bottle meets thermos flask to produce a container which will keep cool drinks ice cold for a day, and hot ones will stay so in it for twelve hours. Neither will lose their distinctive tastes because the inside of the bottle isn’t made from plastic, but from stainless steel which doesn’t react with the liquid you pour inside of it so there’s no danger of it suddenly tasting like metal or plastic.

There are four sizes to choose from, ranging from a 16-ounce bottle you can put into your bike’s holder to a 40-ounce one which will keep you hydrated all day. Each size bottle has a solid lid that screws on tight as well as a carabiner for easier transportation. Attach it to your travel backpack or a belt loop in your pants and you’re all set!

When using it, take care not to hit the bottle on any hard surfaces as the stainless steel core can dent, and the outer shell’s finish can easily chip. When full, the bottle is also heavier than you’d expect due to the insulation, so take care to not strain yourself when lifting up the biggest capacity ones.

Healthy Human are the best hot water bottles for everyday use both within your home and outside. Their versatility and the fact that you can carry one around with you wherever you go mean that you’ll never have to give up the luxury of having hot chocolate or ice cold tea beside you, and that’s worth the price of the bottles alone.

  • Keeps beverages hot or cold
  • Stainless steel core
  • Easily transported
  • Can be dented or scratched if you aren’t careful

6. CamelBak Podium Big Chill Insulated Water Bottle – The Best Water Bottles for Cycling

Everyone who is the least bit serious about their biking hobby knows that keeping yourself hydrated while racing down the road or braving unbeaten off-road paths is one of the most important things to take care of. CamelBak has been creating the best bike water bottles for a while now, and the newest in their Podium line is really special. Any old bottle can hold your drink, but only the Podium Chill will keep it frosty however tough the trail might be.

You’ll notice why as soon as you pick it up – the bottle definitely has some heft to it, which is no surprise given that its sides are insulated. CamelBak claims that it can keep the liquid inside cool twice as long as regular bottles, and once you try it out you’ll most likely agree. The bottle’s shape has seen improvements too – the new Chill bottle is both prettier to look at and more ergonomic, fitting quite well in the hand.

That’s not the bottle’s only selling point though, it excels at ease of use too. Podium bottles come with a self-sealing jet valve which seals the bottle as soon as you’re done drinking. You won’t even need to slow down while using it in fear of spilling. The spout made from silicone is easy on your teeth since you don’t have to pull it out with them.

The spout is one of the Chill’s best features, but it is also its biggest flaw. It doesn’t have a cap, so dust particles, sand or debris can get stuck to it. Because of its complex construction, some of its parts are hard to reach and clean. You’ll need to take special care to get to them when cleaning the spout so that mold doesn’t start to grow in it after a while.

Podium are the best water bottles for biking, and the Chill is a worthy addition to the line. A new ergonomic design, advanced valve and a promise of being able to enjoy colder drinks longer are all compelling arguments to give the Chill a shot. At the end of a long bike ride, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Self-sealing valve
  • Keeps drinks cold longer than ordinary bottles
  • Spout is hard to clean
  • No cap

7. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Filter Bottle – The Best Water Bottles for Backpacking Far Away from Civilization

The last bottle in the list is also one of the most advanced ones. Grayl’s water purifier bottle shares many features seen with the LifeStraw Go, but improves upon almost all of them, bringing you safer, better-tasting water whatever source you draw it from.

The system used to filter the water is self-contained and consists of an outer bottle and an inner sealed compartment. Dirty water is placed inside the outer bottle and filtered by pressing the inner compartment into it like a plunger. The result is up to 16 ounces of bacteria and virus-free water.

The inner compartment acts as both a pump and a container for clean water which you can then pour into another bottle and start making more. The whole process takes about half a minute and requires a bit of force. The bottle shouldn’t be kept in the freezer as this weakens the filter, but if you accidentally leave it out in the cold once or twice you can still use it.

The filtration system is very well made, but it doesn’t have a big capacity. Expect to get about 40 gallons or 300 uses out of it before the filter needs to be replaced. There are two replacement types – an orange one which you get with the bottle and use to purify water, and a less effective blue one that only gets rid of bacteria and bad smells, so take care to get the one which you’ll need more.

If you enjoy exploring remote places and want a reliable way of getting usable water out of even the most uninviting puddle, then the best water bottles for backpacking, and for you, are what Grayl puts to the table. Its model might be somewhat pricy, but considering it can literally save your life in the middle of nowhere, that shouldn’t be a factor in adding one to your gear.

  • Excellent water purification
  • Purified water can be stored and shared
  • Filters have a short lifespan

Water Bottles Buyer’s Guide

Finally, here are a few tips on getting the most out of the best water bottles in the guide.

  • Bottle Materials – Plastic, glass and stainless steel are the most commonly used ones. Plastic is the most widespread. It’s sturdy, scratch-resistant and won’t dent. Even though manufacturers have become very health-conscious, it can still contain harmful chemicals, and is generally the least environmentally friendly option. Glass is easy to clean, leaves no taste and keeps your drinks cold longer, but can shatter if you aren’t careful. Stainless steel is also non-reactive and can take a beating, but after a while it can dent and the bottle becomes disfigured because of that.
  • Opening Types – There are three main openings seen with the best water bottles. Nozzles and spouts are narrower and water flows through them by sucking or squeezing. They’re perfect for runners, cyclists and anyone who doesn’t want to stop while drinking. Screw-tops are usually bigger, allow the bottle to be filled up faster and are more likely to make a mess if you don’t take a break from whatever you’re doing to take a sip.
  • Volume & Weight – The balance for both of these is mostly related to the activities you do the most. Backpackers can carry a lot of water and the bottle it comes in can be heavier because of its insulation. Runners on the other hand benefit most from ultra-light plastic bottles with smaller capacities that won’t move around too much. Cyclists need a mix of the two – enough water you can easily reach in a bottle that can handle some punishment and can be easily put back into its holder.

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