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Editor’s Choice

Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2020

The Trideer gloves microfiber construction gives the gloves the needed flexibility to conform themselves to anything you’re holding on to, while the gel-reinforced palm area helps soften the impact various bars have on your hands. Expect your long-standing callouses to start becoming much softer the more you use them.

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Below is a table of the 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2020
. Each weight lifting gloves have been recommended for your convenience!

Glove ImageGlove NameWrist ProtectionSweat ProofPrice
Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves (Editor's Choice)YesYes Check Price
Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting GlovesYesYes Check Price
Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym GlovesYesYes Check Price
Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist SupportYesYes Check Price
Bionic Men's Performance GripYesYes Check Price
Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gym GlovesYesYes Check Price
Nike Men's Core Lock Training Gloves 2.0NoYes Check Price
Bionic Gloves Men's Premium Full Finger Fitness GlovesYesYes Check Price
Steel Sweat Leather ZED Weightlifting GlovesYesYes Check Price
Adidas Climalite Essential Full Finger Weightlifting GlovesNoYes Check Price
When tackling any challenge at the gym that requires you to hold on to something and not let go because of sweat or slipping, the right pair of gloves will make the biggest difference and only a few of the benefits of wearing fitness gloves. You’re entrusting your health and progress to them, which makes the gloves an essential in every weightlifter’s kit. Some guys will act tough and not use any kind of gloves… They also end up with the sores, wrist pains and unhygienic hands to show for it.

When an item that contributes so much to the quality of your workouts costs as little as almost any of the gloves in this guide, not getting a pair would be totally unreasonable. Which ones though? You’ll see recommendations being thrown around left and right both on the internet and on the gym floor. Since that’s mostly hearsay and personal experience, I thought that offering an objective comparison of ten pairs of weightlifting gloves would help settle the score and put you on the track to more rapid improvement.

Be sure to check out the Weight Lifting Gloves Buying Guide!

Let’s not lose any more time and get to grips with the reviews!

1. Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves – Overall the Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Slipping up when doing any kind of weightlifting exercise is not only annoying, but potentially life-threatening. You can have perfect form and stability, but one wrong wrist movement can spell disaster. While any old gloves will help with that to some degree, none are as good at ensuring a comfortable yet iron grip as these padded gloves by Trideer

Their microfiber construction gives the gloves the needed flexibility to conform themselves to anything you’re holding on to, while the gel-reinforced palm area helps soften the impact various bars have on your hands. Expect your long-standing callouses to start becoming much softer the more you use them.

Appearance-wise they look very attractive! They’re available in all black as well as with pink or purple stitching, so guys and gals alike will get a kick out of getting noticed while wearing them. Since they’re synthetic they might start to smell after a while, but quickly hand wash them and the gloves will be as good as new.

Out of the box, you might find that the wrist straps aren’t that well-adjusted, and the gloves will probably feel stiff for the first time or two when you use them. With a little bit of tinkering and frequent use both of these “problems” will disappear for good.

Overall, these are the best weightlifting gloves I’ve worn in a long while. You can really feel how the gloves help apply pressure to that barbell you’re holding and can be sure they’ll never let go. They’re also good for many other exercises besides weightlifting that involve the use of your hands. Whether it’s a deadlift or a handstand, you wouldn’t want to do one without putting them on first!

  • Flexible and strong grip
  • Effective padding
  • Cool appearance
  • Straps might need adjusting

2. Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves – The Best Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

Lifting weights often forces your wrists to flex to their limits. Without gloves that support and stabilize such movements, the risk of injuring your wrists is far greater. Nordic Lifting, the premier brand when it comes to high-quality gym accessories, realizes this is a top priority and has created the best weight lifting gloves with wrist support I’ve come across.

When you first take a look at them, you’ll instantly see what I mean – their wrist straps are exceptionally well-made, large and comfortable. You might experience some tightness at first, but after a set or two of bicep curls any discomfort will vanish. They’re also very flexible and don’t reduce the range of motions your wrists can go through.

As for their other qualities, Nordic Lifting’s gloves are on par with the features and quality you’d come to expect from a name brand like this – the padding on their palms is secure and comfortable, your hands won’t become black because of dye bleed, and blisters will only be a distant memory with frequent use.

For the average gym goer, this is an excellent pair of gloves. If you’re an avid gym rat though who exercises with heavy weights five times a week or more, you might find that so much pressure will cause them to come loos at the seams.

These gloves performed admirably and will probably continue to do so for all but the most diehard athletes well past their generous 1-year warranty period. Even if you have some trouble with them, Nordic Lifting’s customer support is amazing and will likely sort everything out quickly.

  • Excellent wrist support
  • No color bleed
  • Long warranty and good support
  • Not intended for very heavy use

3. Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Gym Gloves – The Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Men Who Do More than Just Weights

Weightlifting is a rewarding sport to be sure, but it trains strength and sculpts one’s physique more than anything else. Guys who’d like to become quick and nimble as well as strong have to buy separate pairs of gloves for non-weightlifting activities, but Trideer has put a stop to this with the release of these ultralight gloves.

As their name suggests, they’re lighter than your average weight lifting gloves, and yet they don’t lose out on much when providing good grip is concerned. The padding on their palms is of special note – it has a high-friction pattern that dramatically improves the strength and stability of your grips on smooth bars.

Conversely, the synthetic, leather-like material they’re made of gives you ample breathing room in performing all kinds of wrist and finger movements, adding CrossFit, gymnastics and others to the list of activities these gloves excel at, and making them the best weight lifting gloves for men that don’t want to limit themselves to that sport alone.

To make the price this affordable, Trideer had to make some sacrifices to the gloves’ quality. They did so with the Velcro used to secure the waist strips – it is poorly made and has a tendency to fray after you’ve used it more than a dozen times. Take care not to rip it open all the time to make the Velcro last longer.

Versatility is the best word to sum these gloves up with. They’ll prove to be adequate for weightlifting and more, which isn’t something one can say for that many other specialized gloves. Take into account their attractive price too, and you’ve got a deal almost too good to be true.

  • Can be used for a number of gym activities
  • Great grip thanks to special padding pattern
  • Affordable
  • Below average Velcro quality

4. Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support – The Best Weight Lifting Gloves to Prevent Callouses

Anyone who’s ever lifted a kettlebell more than a few times knows what it feels like to get callouses. Some gym enthusiasts wear them as a kind of badge of honor, a sign that they “did their time” at the racks. In truth however, they’re painful, rough and not all that pretty to look at, and most people are looking for ways to not get them / get rid of existing ones while still exercising normally.

Enter Mava with their innovative gloves! They’ve been designed with more than weightlifting in mind, but can easily put up with any weight you can bench. More importantly, they go real easy on your hands while not compromising on the strength of their grip.

The secret to their success lies in the gloves’ material. A mix of neoprene, leather and silicone, it is a perfect combination that lets you jump from rowing exercises through rope climbing to low bar squats without even thinking of changing your gloves. You’ll also be doing all of that with palms that are a lot less sweaty as the gloves’ open and airy construction gives your hands a lot of space to breathe.

Since the gloves are meant to adapt for different kinds of cross training, they need to be very pliable. Add to that their open, minimalistic construction, and the result is a considerable lack of padding compared to other gloves on the list. You can definitely still use them for weightlifting, but might want to add extra neoprene padding if theirs isn’t enough for you.

Mava’s are the best weight lifting gloves to prevent callouses, period. You won’t be sorry for purchasing them if this is one of your chief concerns. Even if it isn’t, the gloves’ performance in other important areas is good enough for you to seriously consider them as a replacement for your old ones.

  • Breathable
  • Provide excellent grip
  • Interesting design and many color options
  • Thin padding

5. Bionic Men’s Performance Grip – The Best Full Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

Sometimes fingerless gloves just can’t cut it. Whether they don’t give you as much grip on perfectly round bars where a droplet of sweat can cause slippage, or your hands get cold when exercising in the winter months, there’s no need to endure the discomfort any longer as Bionic’s full finger gloves are here to help!

These are probably the most innovative gloves in the guide. They’re jam-packed with features implemented to enhance every single area of their operation and give you the most comfortable, stable and effective workout imaginable.

There were a lot of different materials used in their creation – the palms are of genuine leather and feature a couple of pads which aid in correct weight distribution and comfort. You’d think that sweat would be a problem with fully enclosed gloves, but another innovation in the form of a breathable material known as Cool-On allows sweat to evaporate through the glove’s back. There’s even an absorbing cloth material on the thumb you can use to get pesky sweat out of your eyes with.

There’s one concern with these gloves though, the stitching on their pinky fingers. For some reason, this was more poorly made than the rest of the glove and can come undone, tearing the gloves up and making them useless.

Still, there’s no denying that these are the best full finger weight lifting gloves out there. Providing warmth, a slip-free grip and the comfort you need to keep pushing yourself past your old limitations, they’re a solid choice for any serious gym enthusiast.

  • Comfortable and stable grip
  • Very breathable given their design
  • Poor stitching on parts of the gloves

6. Trideer Padded Weight Lifting Gym Gloves – The Best Padded Weight Lifting Gloves

You might be able to get by exercising with bare hands up to a point, but the more you can lift or press, the more the bar digs itself into your flesh, causing blisters, callouses and discomfort. The only pain you should be feeling from a workout is from the burn in your muscles, not the blisters on your hands. Superior padding will prevent that from ever happening again.

I’ve mentioned a couple of pairs from Trideer earlier, but these are hands down their best padded weight lifting gloves. The padding on them is not only large and evenly-spaced, it also has a specific honeycomb design which helps with more even weight distribution. A more balanced grip means that pressure isn’t concentrated as much on a single part of your hand, giving blisters and callouses no chance to develop.

Even the gloves’ back is protected with silica. All this padding makes them viable for other kinds of workouts too – hit the gym floor, do some push-ups and see if they won’t help you break your record.

There’s next to nothing to complain about with these gloves! The only trouble you might run into with them concerns sizing. Chances are that you’ll need a bigger pair than advertised, so make sure you can exchange them.

These gloves are a true example of outstanding gear – on their own, they won’t magically allow you to put an extra 30 pounds on the bar. However, they’ll give you both the confidence and the even grip you need to achieve more on your own merits.

  • Superior padding
  • Versatility
  • Potential sizing issues

7. Nike Men’s Core Lock Training Gloves 2.0 – Great Nike Weightlifting Gloves for Beginners

Starting to lift weights can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to the sport or not. It wouldn’t be a smart move to spend a lot of cash on equipment at this point. On the other hand you definitely wouldn’t want to get a cheaply-made pair that will only turn you off from the sport. Leave it to good old Nike to produce some gloves anyone in this situation will appreciate.

As with most of their products, these Nike weightlifting gloves are as stylish as they are functional. The two color combo will get you noticed at the gym, and the grip they provide will do a lot to make you stay. All along the palm area there’s a pattern of small pads together with a larger one at the middle which will keep you holding on tight to any barbell while you’re still learning the ropes.

There’s ample wrist support from the gloves’ wide strap. You’ll feel that they fit very snugly, which they are supposed to. Once you’re done for the day, the longer middle finger on each one makes taking them off by pulling on it a snap.

For people with wider hands, this snugness might prove to be a problem. The seams are very well-made and tight, so they can start cutting into your hand if you don’t choose an adequate size.

Nike has made the perfect pair of beginner gloves! Neither too specialized to be used solely for weightlifting, nor too expensive to regret the purchase if you don’t think that lifting is for you, you’ll find yourself making good use of them whichever path you decide on.

  • Easy to take on and off
  • Good grip
  • Seams can dig into the hand if it is wide

8. Bionic Gloves Men’s Premium Full Finger Fitness Gloves – Another Excellent Pair of Full Finger Weightlifting Gloves

Gyms aren’t exactly at the pinnacle of sanitation. Even though most considerable patrons will wipe off the sweat they leave on the bench, a lot of it, not to mention dead skin or the, ugh, liquid that drains out of ruptured blisters can remain on the weights. You might not take notice of it, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not there to endanger your health.

That’s why full finger weightlifting gloves are the way to go! Bionic already has one successful entry in the guide, and these slightly different gloves can be a viable alternative to it. The main difference is that these gloves are lighter, so cross training with them will be easier for exercises that don’t require as much padding. They come in a sleek orange / gray combo which arguably looks better.

Other than that, their key features are more or less the same – the airy back, the towel-like thumb fabric and the genuine leather palm with its strategic pads all make life in the gym so much more comfy.

Because it is a little lighter, the leather palm is also softer. You shouldn’t really notice this if your deadlifts are nothing to write home about. Professionals might find that the support it offers is lacking though.

This other iteration of Bionic’s gloves is a bit on the lighter side, and are sure to be just the thing for people who dabble with other sports besides weightlifting. As a universal pair you can use to seamlessly go from one kind of workout to another, they’re pretty hard to beat.

  • Great for all-around gym use
  • Handles perspiration well
  • Too light for the heaviest weights

9. Steel Sweat Leather ZED Weightlifting Gloves – The Best Leather Weightlifting Gloves

Although the top spot in the guide went to synthetic gloves, which is in and of itself a testament to how much technology has progressed, more often than not it’s the combination of being supple yet strong that still puts natural leather in the lead. Steel Sweat demonstrates this well with the best leather weightlifting gloves – the ZEDs.

First of all, these are some fancy-looking gloves. The leather alone speaks volumes about the quality, and their black & white contrast demands to be seen. You can pull them off in a couple of seconds thanks to three full tabs, which is another welcome design feature.

It’s hard to choose what’s best about them – the gloves have an outstanding strap that offers noticeable support to your wrists. Nothing, even old injuries, should stop you from working out while wearing them because of it. Their other main selling point is, of course, the leather. You’ll be able to grip any and all weights firmly without the slightest hint of slipping.

While the gloves’ general construction is sound, the pattern on their palm isn’t. It is made up of small dots which will start to wear out after a time. Exercising with weights that don’t have a pattern on their handles or bars will get less stable because of this.

With that said, people used to intense workouts during practically every day of the week might take issue with the ZED after a while. For everyone else though, this remains a well above average pair of gloves that serve as a fine accessory in every weightlifting endeavor.

  • Great wrist support
  • Genuine leather palm
  • Pattern on padding starts to wear out after a while

10. Adidas Climalite Essential Full Finger Weightlifting Gloves – Premium Adidas Weightlifting Gloves for the Serious Athlete

I’ve already mentioned full finger gloves’ many advantages over half finger ones. Usually, keeping sweating to a minimum isn’t one of them. The closed construction impairs breathability in any kind of full fingered design, but there are ways to minimize its impact. Adidas has thought of some, and created an interesting pair of gloves which complete this list.

With these Adidas weightlifting gloves, it’s all about quality and comfort. Although they certainly aren’t ugly, their appearance wouldn’t let on how well they perform when it comes to handling sweat. Thanks to a new material called Climalite, you can undertake even the toughest exercises and be sure that sweat won’t slow you down or cause you to slip up.

This advanced level of breathability is accompanied by a tight grip and a smart approach to padding. The engineers at Adidas realize that parts of your palm see more use than others and have beefed up the padding in certain areas to minimize wear.

These are by far the most expensive gloves on the list. The quality of their make is exceptional, that’s definitely true, but thrifty weight lifters, not to mention newcomers, will have a hard time justifying the price difference.

For anyone else who isn’t afraid of paying top dollar for a top of the line product, Adidas’ Climalite gloves are the answer to keeping cool and clean at the same time. With them you get all the benefits of full fingered gloves and much less pronounced weaknesses. That’s worth a dollar or two extra, don’t you think?

  • Excellent ventilation for full fingered gloves
  • Enhanced padding
  • None

Weight Lifting Gloves Buyer’s Guide

The guide is almost at its end. Before you hit the gym again or hit the stores for some new weightlifting gloves, check out the tips below:

  • Determining Your Size – as with any other piece of equipment that’s tailored to the individual, the best weight lifting gloves are those that fit well. Go too big and you can’t hold on to things securely. Get ones that are too small and your hand movements will be constrained. Measure your hand before purchasing and read up on what people who have already bought a pair are saying about how true to size they are.
  • Half Finger vs. Full Finger Gloves – There are tradeoffs to wearing either kind, so what you’re willing to sacrifice will be the deciding factor in this choice. Half finger gloves have much better airflow, allowing your hand to be dry and cool. Full finger gloves keep your hands warmer and far away from coming into contact with the grime found on exercise equipment. They can get really hot in summer though, and the buildup of sweat can become uncomfortable after a while.
  • Fit and Padding – It is very important to be able to choose the right balance for both of these factors. You’ll want gloves which feel tight enough that your hand doesn’t move inside of them, but which aren’t uncomfortable to the point of hurting during regular movement. Too much padding will cause you to not be able to hold the weight properly or curl your fingers all the way. Too little is as bad as not wearing any gloves at all. Get a feel for both of these before you spend money on something which doesn’t suit you.
  • Cleaning – Even though majority of fitness gloves are sweat resistance and breathable for your hands, it doesn’t mean it won’t eventually build up some odor. Be sure to check the instructions before washing your lifitng gloves!

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