Whether you want to admit it or not but Apple currently sets the standard for smartphone accessories.

Now that the latest iPhones support wireless Qi charging, a whole new wave of wireless chargers will be available on the market.

This can be a great or bad thing but how can you tell which is the best wireless charger?

This is where we jump in to share our top recommendations!

Editor’s Choice

CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

Best Wireless Charger 2020

The CHOETECH charger has innovative Qi support which make certain devices benefit from a shorter recharge time, while its two built-in coils radiate a field that’s strong enough to charge the phone whichever way you place it as long as it is face up.

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Below is a table of the 10 Best Wireless Charger 2020. Each wireless charger have been recommended for your convenience!

Charger ImageCharger NameFast Charge (Android Only)iPhone 8/X CompatiblePrice
CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand (Editor's Choice)YesYes Check Price
Kroma Wireless Charging PadYesYes Check Price
Pasonomi Wood Qi Wireless Charging StandYesYes Check Price
NUOHAO Fast Wireless Car ChargerYesYes Check Price
Yootech Qi Wireless Charging PadYesYes Check Price
Itian Grain Fast Wireless ChargerYesYes Check Price
Choetech T513 3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging PadNoYes Check Price
YTech Wireless ChargerYesYes Check Price
YOUSTOO FC60 Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging PadYesYes Check Price
Choetech T511 7.5W Qi Wireless Charging PadNoYes Check Price
Wireless or inductive charging works on the principle of electromagnetic fields and needs two induction coils to function. One is in the charger itself and generates the field. Another is in the phone itself, converting that field back into electricity that can then fill up its battery. Of course, the base still needs to be plugged into a power source, but the cellphone doesn’t, making it more convenient to just put it down whenever without looking for the cable. Since nothing’s in the way, as long as the phone is touching the charger you can more easily keep using it too.

Although its presence is expanding in the mobile world, wireless charging is still a relatively new technology, meaning that many existing chargers do a poor job of it. Much longer recharge times, problems with phone recognition and questionable safety all plague most cheaper and unknown models, leaving the average consumer at a loss on whether to invest in one at all. A guide was needed that clearly shows how there are more than viable wireless phone chargers at very reasonable prices for you to buy, and ten of them together with a general buyer’s guide are showcased below.

Top off your own batteries with some snacks and refreshments, and let’s get to it!

Be sure to check out the Wireless Charger Buying Guide!

1. CHOETECH Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand – Overall the Best Wireless Charger

Have you had your eye on a wireless charger for a while, but were hesitant to buy one because you weren’t sure what the advantages are? How about a 40 percent increase in charging speed? If that got your attention, then finding out even more about Choetech’s fast wireless charger ought to convince you of its great value.

Its innovative Qi support means that certain devices benefit from a shorter recharge time, while its two built-in coils radiate a field that’s strong enough to charge the phone whichever way you place it as long as it is face up. The panel on which the phone is set is unobtrusive and give you the freedom to use it normally if you’re impatient for the charging to end.

The station has a clean and simple design, the only prominent thing being a bright LED light that glows either blue or green depending on whether it’s in stand-by or actively charging. Safeguards are built into it that keep your smartphone from overcharging and overheating, making it both a safe and power-saving device.

Sadly, only users with a newer Samsung smartphone will be able to take advantage of the faster charging provided with this model. Others will have to make due with regular speeds.

Choetech has made the best wireless charger out there, no question. It’s surprisingly fast, effortless to use and, if you manage to snag it during frequent discount periods, very reasonably priced too. If you’ve been waiting for a worthy model that will finally convince you to switch to wireless, this is it!

  • Fast charging rate
  • Wide charging area
  • Looks cool
  • Fast charging isn’t supported on all smartphones

2. Kroma Wireless Charging Pad – The Best Qi Wireless Charger for Charging on the Go

A big elegant charger like Choetech’s is great for use at home, but what if you have limited bag space and don’t want to travel anywhere without your wireless charger? In that case, turn your attention to the wireless charging pad by Kroma

Since there’s nothing to lean your phone onto, it’s considerably smaller and more compact. Don’t worry that it’s less stable though – a diamond-shaped rubber pattern you place the phone on as well as small rubber feet keep both items in place, and you can even use the smartphone if you don’t move it around too much.

Placing a Qi-supported phone on it causes a pleasant light to flash, indicating that charging has started. Expect the process to take a bit slower than with a standard wire, but not too slow as to make charging this way any less convenient. Once the smartphone is full, the pad can be easily tucked away inside a backpack or even a purse.

The pattern your phone sits on while charging is very sensitive to sudden movement. Not only do you have to precisely position your smartphone for the pad to recognize it, but if you’re charging on a table or light nightstand, any bump can potentially cause the charging process to stop.

For portability, Kroma’s charging pad is the best Qi wireless charger. You’ll love using it at home, but it definitely shines most in situations where your phone’s charge is low, you’re about to grab a cup of coffee with a friend and just so happen to have your reliable, portable charger with you.

  • Small and portable
  • Rubber feet give it stability
  • Phone needs to be placed on it precisely in order to charge

3. Pasonomi Wood Qi Wireless Charging Stand – Appearance-wise the Best Wireless Phone Charger

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your home’s appearance and don’t want a new wireless charger to upset its delicate balance? With Pasonomi’s charging stand, the look of any room you’ll use it in can only be improved!

Pasonomi’s charging stand has most of the features as the winning model – support for fast charging, compatibility with phones that stand both horizontally and vertically as well as smart protective safeguards that stop it from working when the stand detects that charging is complete.

The way it looks though is aesthetically much more pleasing. The stand has a beautiful finish made from real wood. A power symbol has been carved into it, making the stand all the cooler and giving you a nice new topic to talk about and impress your friends with when they first see it.

All would have been peachy were it not for the stand’s spotty fast charging. Even if you plug it into an original Samsung / iPhone adapter, it may still not recognize that your device supports this feature and start filling it up with regular speed.

If most of the time you leave the smartphone to charge overnight anyway, this becomes a non-issue. Waiting on a full battery for a couple of minutes more is arguably a small price to pay for having the best wireless phone charger when looks are concerned.

  • Looks great
  • Has fast charging
  • Wide charging area
  • Fast charging isn’t always recognized

4. NUOHAO Fast Wireless Car Charger – The Best Wireless Car Charger

So far all the reviewed chargers relied on gravity to keep the phone from moving. While that saves on production costs, it makes them worthless for use in the car. Nuohao recognized that this is a niche that needed to be filled, and has developed the best wireless car charger for both driving safety and charging convenience.

It plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter and can be secured either with brackets or to the dashboard vent. When a phone is placed on it, the three small arms automatically come down to firmly hold it down, so charging while driving won’t be a problem at all.

Naturally you can use it at home in a horizontal position too. It supports standard and fast charging and unlike other models with which removing the cellphone’s case is recommended for optimum results, it easily charges devices that have thicker cases too.

Remember that wirelessly charging a phone generates a lot of heat. Since you can fasten the charger onto the car’s vent, make sure you don’t run the heating at the same time since this could lead to overheating issues.

The convenience and diversity of this charger makes it one of my favorite picks. It makes charging your cellphone while you’re traveling to work a breeze and also holds it in place when not in use so you can glance at it from time to time. Add to that all of the benefits a standard wireless charger brings and you shouldn’t even ask whether or not it’s worth getting.

  • Allows convenient charging in the car
  • Easy to mount
  • Keeps phone secure while driving
  • Phone can get very warm while charging

5. Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad – The Best Fast Wireless Charger for Accurate Phone Placement

Many of today’s wireless charging pads have the problem of finicky positioning. Move your phone half an inch in the wrong direction and they’ll stop juicing it up without you even noticing. Yootech’s charger is smart enough for that not to be a problem anymore!

The concept is as simple & effective as the charger’s appearance is. You place the smartphone face up onto its central circle and the outer one lights up to show whether you’ve done it correctly. Green means it’s a-OK, red signals that the cellphone is placed incorrectly and a combination of both lights lets you know that its placement requires some fine adjustments. Following these intuitive instructions ensures that your phone is always optimally charging and alerts you when it isn’t.

There’s one annoying thing to this charger you can luckily avoid if you’re aware of it. When charging is done, the green circle turns on and a beep is heard. Left unattended, the charger will start to top the phone off after a while, repeating the flash & beep. You wouldn’t want to get woken up in the middle of the night by this, so be mindful of when you’re using it.

It’s great that Yootech found a straightforward way of dealing with limitations even the best fast wireless charger can suffer from. As such, it’s a good step forward for this young technology, and a worthwhile purchase if you decide to go for it.

  • Alerts you where to place the phone
  • Simple to use
  • Has fast charging
  • Beeps when phone is full

6. Itian Grain Fast Wireless Charger – The Best Wireless Fast Charger for Your Office Décor

Sixth in line is a sharp-looking wireless charger by Itian. It adopts the same general shape we’ve seen with other charging stands, concentrating on a fluid, elegant form that will enrich a living room, dorm room and cubicle alike.

I was torn between this model and Pasonomi’s charger when picking the best wireless fast charger in terms of visual appeal. The fact that its exterior is all wood and is finished beautifully made a strong case for it, but that awesome engraving won out in the end. If you’ve got a lighter theme going on with paler desks or laminate flooring, choose Itian as it will fit right in, especially in a modern office environment.

Its technical specs are more or less in line with what other chargers have to offer – standard & fast charging support, an indicator light and a micro-USB cable are all part of the deal.

Apparently the coils used in this charger are smaller than usual and don’t quite reach all the way to the top. Putting a phone in vertically might result in intermittent charging because of that. Place it horizontally however and the issue should go away.

Itian’s charger is a most pleasing example of how modern design and technology can blend seamlessly into a product that’s both useful and eye-catching. Whether you’re getting it because of its futuristic charging capabilities or its potential to spruce up your living or working space, this charger is both a bargain and a good investment.

  • Elegant look
  • Supports fast charging
  • Charges better if phone is in horizontal position

7. Choetech T513 3 Coils Qi Wireless Charging Pad – A Safe & Reliable Charger that Doesn’t Insist on Perfect Positioning

Yootech’s charger relies on pinpoint precision when charging. Choetech’s approach might not be as flashy (literally), but it’s much more effective in its convenience. Why force the user to spend minutes adjusting their phone when adding coils to the charger is a more elegant solution?

That’s what must have gone through the heads of the engineers who designed this charger! It is equipped with three coils that greatly increase the strength of its induction field. What this means for you is that not only do you have to fiddle with the phone less to actually start filling it up, but you can place it a bit to one side or even just plop it down diagonally and the charger will still do its thing.

Smart decisions were made in its design as well – the charger is very thin and doesn’t light up the whole room when its indicator light is activated. Signal-shaped rubber grips hold on tight to your phone and give the pad a fun pattern. When not connected, you’ll hardly notice the USB charging port either.

The only problem with this charger is that fast charging isn’t supported. If you’ve got a newer iPhone or an Android phone by Samsung, you won’t be able to recharge them quickly. Standard charging works as intended though, albeit slower than doing it through a cable. Consider getting the winning model by the same company if speed is important to you.

Wireless chargers should make life easier, not rob you of precious time with their finicky positioning requirements. It’s great that companies like Choetech understand this and are actively doing something about it. Such high regard for the customer’s needs is enough for me to turn a blind eye on a lack of fast charging and heartily recommend it to anyone who feels the same.

  • Minimal hassle when placing phone
  • Charges continuously even if phone moves
  • Thin and good-looking
  • No fast charging

8. YTech Wireless Charger – One of the Safest Wireless Chargers You Can Buy

Along with no wire to draw power from, charging your cellphone wirelessly has its own set of conditions. The one people tend to notice the most is an increase in the phone’s temperature. Generally there’s a 5-10 degree increase when compared to old-fashioned charging, but that’s just one aspect.

Even the best wireless charger can be less safe for your phone if it lacks some core features like surge protection. Ytech’s charger is excellent in that regard as it’s equipped with protection from both over and undervolting, high temperatures and short circuiting, making it one of the safest models tested in the guide.

Visually it follows the trend of simple design with a slick black surface studded with a few pads in the middle so the smartphone doesn’t slide. Available with either gold, metallic or black leather trim, it should go well with other gadgets & various settings.

It works with a lot of Android devices immediately, but to get it to charge Apple’s products too you’ll need to get a special Qi receiver. This costs half again as much as the charger, making the combo one of the more expensive ones available.

For Android users and people that value their phone’s safety, this is a solid choice as far as wireless chargers go. It will fill any compatible cellphone up reliably and without problems, which is more than could be said for lesser quality models.

  • Very safe to use
  • Comes in three color options
  • Needs additional accessory to charge Apple devices

9. YOUSTOO FC60 Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad – The Best Affordable Wireless Charger

Even though they aren’t exactly luxury items, the most expensive wireless chargers can cost as much as $50 when not on sale. This begs the question of whether a more affordable charger exists that works just or nearly as good. If you’ve been wondering the same, discovering Youstoo’s FC60 should be a real treat!

The first thing you usually see lacking from cheaper chargers is the faster 10V charging of select devices. Not so with the FC60! It speedily fills up supported cellphones without skipping a beat, and offers all the standard protection features present in more expensive products.

Its looks aren’t too bad either. A PU leather pad holds a firm grip on any phone you put on it and goes well with the silver trim & subtle blue light that increases in brightness the closer the charge is to being complete.

More than most models reviewed so far, this one had trouble getting through thicker phone cases. While practically every manufacturer recommends removing the phone’s case for better results, most of the time they’d charge normally with it on. The FC60 seems to only be working when directly touching the battery, which is a bit annoying, but still in line with the norm.

A lower price doesn’t guarantee shoddy quality, and anyone in need of proof of that should look to the FC60. Made with good-quality materials, fashionable and effective, it’s a wireless charger you should definitely look into even if you aren’t on a budget.

  • Supports fast charging
  • Affordable
  • Smart LED light
  • Requires direct contact with battery to charge it properly

10. Choetech T511 7.5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad – The Best Wireless Charger for Backwards Compatibility

As a trend & a widely-accepted advancement, wireless chargingfa didn’t pick up speed until 2015 when newer generations of smartphones started adopting the Qi standard. It was around for a lot longer though with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Nexus 4 already having the ability to recharge wirelessly. If you’re still using one of those and would like to charge it via the same device as current-gen models, Choetech’s last product on this list is what you need.

It looks almost exactly like the T513, but lacks some of its features like the 3rd coil, which is reflected in its lower price. You’ll need to pay attention to its light as you’re placing a phone on it since it stops blinking when its position is correct. What does make it stand out is backwards compatibility with older smartphone models achievable with an additional receiver. It juices both them and current models up at a standard speed though.

Sometimes the charger will stop working for a moment and then resume, which wouldn’t really be a bother if its light didn’t turn on every time it did this. It is bright enough to wake you if you happen to be sleeping right next to it, making this model a bit annoying to use.

While this isn’t the best wireless charger overall, backwards compatibility and ease of use are good reasons to pick one up. When on sale it can even be more affordable than Youstoo’s model which sweetens an already solid deal.

  • Supports older phones
  • Same sleek look as the T513
  • Bright LED light

Wireless Charger Buyer’s Guide

Who’d have thought that there could be so much to such a small, unassuming device? Before clicking on that buy button or rushing off to the nearest tech store, do go over these few points once more to check you’ve taken all you need into account.

  • Electromagnetic Field Strength – not to be confused with the speed at which the phone is charged, the stronger the field the charger puts out is, the wider area it covers, meaning that phone recognition and actual charging go much smoother. Bigger fields require bigger bases to store more and larger oils in, so you’ll have to sacrifice portability for convenience if you don’t want to spend too much time in setting everything up.
  • Fast Charging – Depending on the phone you’re using, this is either a very important or totally irrelevant aspect. Look up your device’s technical specs and see if it supports the Qi 2.0 standard. If it does, getting a model with fast charging is recommended since it can cut down on charging time considerably.
  • Stand vs Pad – Choosing one kind of charger over the other depends on your habits and the importance you place on portability. Stands recognize phones with much less hassle and allow for better usage of the screen while active since accidentally nudging the phone won’t stop them from working. They’re bigger though and can’t be folded up. Pads on the other hand can be so small that they fit inside a pocket, but proper phone placement is necessary for them to work.

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