Slim Leather Wallet

What is a minimalist wallet?

A minimalist wallet is a wallet that holds only what you need and nothing more.

If you take out your wallet right now, I bet you’ll find stuff inside you haven’t used in ages, let alone remember when exactly you put it in there. It might be time to shake things up a bit, and a brand new minimalist wallet is just what you need to get things going!

Editor’s Choice

Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Wallet

Best Minimalist Wallet 2020

The Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking wallet has six card slots in total, and a larger slot allows you to carry folded up cash inside it too. Since its dimensions are smaller than what most of us are used to, it can be carried either in your front or back pocket. This wallet is also capable of RFID blocking, eliminating the chance of someone stealing your credit card information.

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I had a great time picking each minimalist wallet out and believe they are all of the high quality built and beautifully made. If you have a minimalist wallet you would like to suggest, be sure to mention it in the comments below! In the meantime, here’s a list of the Top 10 Minimalist Wallets 2020.

Wallet ImageWallet Name# Cards FitRFID ProtectionPrice
Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Wallet (Editor's Choice)6Yes Check Price
Dash Co. Premium Slim Wallet8+No Check Price
Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet 7Yes Check Price
Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet8No Check Price
Dash Co. 4.0 RFID Blocking Wallet6+Yes Check Price
HuMn Mens Mini RFID Blocking Wallet3+Yes Check Price
Billetus Men's Carbon Fiber Money Clip and RFID Blocking Wallet8+Yes Check Price
Trayvax Element Wallet12Yes Check Price
Andar Leather Card Sleeve6+Yes Check Price
Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet12No Check Price

I’ve already mentioned EDC or everyday carry in the blog post about the best multi-tools. Wanting to continue the trend of talking about other products which make life simpler and more organized, I’ve set my sights on wallets since they’re an accessory we don’t even think about much in our day to day lives and don’t even realize how much potential there is for its improvement.

A thin small wallet with no clutter or bulk to worry about is one of the cornerstones of the EDC mindset. A wallet like this forces you to take a step back and ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need to carry all of this stuff with me, day in and day out”? As technology gets more advanced, the answer to that is an increasingly louder “No”! Think about it – all the family photos you could ever want to have close by can now be kept in a smartphone or a USB stick on your keychain. Old receipts and loyalty cards are important to have around, but you can store the receipts in a folder at home and there’s probably an app out there that takes care of your loyalty card too.

What you’re left with are the bare essentials – a few credit cards you know you’ll use more than a few times per year and a small amount of cash for everything else. The less clutter there is, the faster you can get to those few items which really are important. Having a slim, cool-looking wallet on top of that is a welcome bonus.

Since slim minimalist wallets have become quite fashionable, there are many to choose from. Trying to determine which wallet is the best in terms of aesthetics, everyday use, and quality can be difficult. This is why I have reviewed 10 of the top minimalist wallets to help you with your decision. Be sure to also check out my Minimalist Wallet Buying Guide to make sure the wallet you’re interested cover the key factors that all wallets should come with.

Let’s get started and take a look at the wallets on our list!

1. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Wallet – The Best Minimalist Wallet

Just because you’re getting rid of your bulky old bi-fold wallet doesn’t mean that you have to give up a stylish and manly look when shopping around for a slimmer, more compact version. The Hammer Anvil RFID blocking wallet is an attractive testament to this, and a secure, inexpensive option to boot!

It is made out of genuine leather, which is always a hallmark of class. The material itself is very supple and feels just right whenever you take the wallet out of your pocket. It’s available in traditional black and dark brown options as well as a brownish gray color that actually looks quite good even though it isn’t something many would pick right away. The build quality is excellent – you can really see how the seams have been done professionally, which stops them from tearing even after you’ve been using the wallet for years.

As its primary use is to eliminate the clutter you’ve grown tired of in your own wallet, this one is both smaller and thinner, giving you just enough space for the bare essentials and one or two extra cards. There are six card slots in total, and a larger slot allows you to carry folded up cash inside it too. Since its dimensions are smaller than what most of us are used to, it can be carried either in your front or back pocket.

More than just a practical and fashionable accessory, this wallet is also capable of RFID blocking, eliminating the chance of someone stealing your credit card information.

The whole idea of using as little space as possible is great, but in the case of this wallet, it means that the construction might be a bit too tight for some. If you’re having trouble getting your money or credit cards out of it because of this, give the leather some time to be broken in and this should stop being a problem.

Overall with all things considered, the Hammer Anvil wallet’s design is nice and modern, the quality of the materials used make it both durable and secure. On top of everything else, it comes at a bargain price without falling short on any of its qualities, making it without a doubt the best minimalist wallet in the guide, which is why it is also TRVNK’s pick for the best minimal wallet!

  • Great use of space and materials
  • Can be carried in any pocket
  • Solid balance of price and quality
  • Takes a while to break in

2. Dash Co. Premium Slim Wallet – The Best Front Pocket Wallet

Even though some of us feel practically naked without the reassuring weight of a beefy wallet in the back pocket, keeping one there is dangerous both for your health and security. Sitting on one day in and day out isn’t good for your posture, not to mention how someone can easily take something from it if you aren’t paying attention. More and more people are realizing this, and many have even banded together to help form a company that would produce the best front pocket wallet possible. The result was Dash Co., and the Premium Slim Wallet is one of its greatest models.

Becoming a smash hit after their successful Kickstarter campaign a few years back, Dash Co. have set out to create the perfect minimalist wallet. This model is definitely a step in the right direction as its overall design philosophy is all about reducing the time you need to get to your most important cards and documents as soon as possible.

It is made from a synthetic material known as Eco Leather, which does a pretty good job of imitating the real thing and doesn’t look tacky or cheap. The stitching is well done too, so the wallet should last you for a good while. Dash is so confident in the quality of their product that you’ll also get a limited two-year warranty on it.

There’s room enough for some cash and eight cards, two of which you can pull out right away thanks to handy quick draw slots which make access really easy.

After you’ve been using this wallet for a while, you might notice that its card retention will start to fail. In the worst case scenario, you’ll need to put two cards together for them not to fall out. This is easily fixable if the wallet is still covered by its warranty, but if that has already expired then this might be a problem.

Minor issues aside, I think that Dash Co. have managed to create a solid minimalist wallet which keeps your most important stuff at arm’s reach and makes back problems a thing of the past! Add to that a modern look and sturdy build, and the Premium Slim Wallet becomes a serious option you should not pass up on.

  • Slim and attractive
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Has quick draw slots
  • Can loosen its grip after a while

3. Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet – A Metal Wallet for the 21st Century

So far I’ve only discussed wallets that are basically simpler versions of their bigger folded cousins, but a change in the way we handle money and use wallet space, in general, has enabled new and interesting designs to become available. A perfect example of this is the Ti5 Slim Wallet from Machine Era, taking the minimalist approach to its limits while delivering a surprisingly streamlined and positive experience.

This is a metal wallet made from a high grade of titanium which is extremely durable and can handle everyday wear and tear as well as the elements. It’s best described as a metal tray you can place up to eight cards in (six if you’re using the super slim version). Everything is fastened by a broad elastic band which does a great job of securing your cards and keeping them in place. You can put some cash on top of the cards too without fear of it coming loose. I especially like the rounded design of the Ti5’s body – there are no pointy edges or rough sides to cut your pocket’s lining with, so wearing it in the front pocket is safe and comfortable.

The wallet’s back has a hole in it that’s supposed to help you slide the bottom cards with your thumb, but I’ve found that if you fill the wallet to the brim this isn’t easy to do. You’ll get better results by doing the same thing with the top cards, but getting to that last one might be a bit of a hassle, so it’s a good idea to make it a card you don’t really use that often. The opening can also be used as a bottle opener, and it performs that function really well.

That’s a small price to pay if you want the true pinnacle of minimalism when it comes to wallets though. What you’ve got here is a functional, well-made wallet that can easily fit into your front pocket. With both cashless and minimalistic lifestyles becoming more popular, this is definitely a modern, trendy wallet that hasn’t even gotten all the attention it deserves yet.

  • Very light
  • Solidly built and durable
  • Sleek design
  • Cards can be a bit hard to get out if it is completely full

4. Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet – A Sleek and Slim Wallet You Won’t Even Know is There

The fourth wallet on our list is the card sleeve wallet made by Bellroy! It combines the principles of quick access and a bare-bones approach I’ve already talked about when reviewing other models with a nice, rugged look and a few standout features that will make it worth your time.

Genuine leather is the material of choice for this slim wallet, and I must say that Bellroy has done a fantastic job in selecting it. On one hand, the leather lends itself well to the wallet’s solid and sturdy build. On the other, it has a certain character of its own you can see in the patina after you’ve worn it for a while, making every one of Bellroy’s wallets an appealing, personalized accessory.

When it comes to space, Bellroy has been just as generous, within the limits of a minimalist mindset of course. There are three main sections to the wallet. Its outer sides are made to carry cash and your two most-used cards. A really outstanding feature here is the pull tab used to whip these cards out in no time at all. The center part holds up to nine cards, with seven being a really comfortable number.

Its slim form factor makes this wallet great for any pocket. Whether you’re content keeping it at the back or want to adopt a new, healthier style and wear it in a front pocket, its light weight and ergonomic design will make it pretty hard to notice.

Although practical, the slot designed for carrying cash around is a bit small. If you ever find yourself having to carry differently-sized currency, you might even need to fold individual bills in three to get them in there. This will also have an impact on how fast you can get the bills out of the wallet, so it might be a good idea not to carry too many in it at once, or consider using the center slot for cash instead.

A perfect gift to treat yourself or a friend with, this Bellroy wallet has all it takes to keep one’s minimalist standards met with style and care. If that isn’t enough, a three-year warranty covering production or material faults should make anyone jump at the chance to get one.

  • Good layout
  • Useful pull tab
  • Quality leather
  • Tight cash compartment

5.Dash Co. 4.0 RFID Blocking Wallet – The Best RFID Blocking Wallet

In a world where exchanges of many kinds are made with just the tap of a card, keeping that card safe and secure from theft has become more important than ever. There are more and more wallets out there that offer RFID blocking, but this safety feature comes with an inability to just wave your wallet and pay for something / enter a building. Luckily, Dash Co. has the answer in the form of another one of its hugely successful models, the 4.0

Unlike their premium slim wallet, this one is made from saffiano leather canvas and elastic. These materials allow for durability on one hand and a lot of flexibility on the other. It’s amazing that such a small wallet can hold up to fifteen different cards, but the right materials are the main reason this is possible.

Everything about the 4.0 has been engineered to allow easy access to your most frequently used card and cash. Dash’s philosophy is that we use one card 70% of the time, cash 20%, and the rest is spent on various other cards you have in your wallet. It’s no surprise that the focus has been put on handling the first two as smoothly as possible.

For your number one card, there’s a separate pocket which comes with a thumb hole. When the card is inside, it is completely RFID protected. If you need to quickly use it, just slide it out until the chip is visible and it can be used normally. Cash is taken care of by the middle section – its bottom isn’t shut, but the elastic material does a fine job of holding your money in place while allowing quick handling.

Bills tend to snag either to the bottom or top seams, depending on whether they’re being put inside or taken out. While this isn’t a major drawback it takes away from the smooth experience a bit and can be annoying at times.

All in all, the Dash 4.0 wallet is because of the cool look and high-quality materials, which makes it an important selling point. But I’ve found the peace of mind this model brings to be by far its greatest feature. There’s no doubt in my mind that the 4.0 is the best RFID blocking wallet available today, and a pretty good wallet overall too.

  • Innovative, flexible materials
  • RFID protection
  • Very affordable
  • Cash can snag on its seams

Do I need a RFID blocking wallet?

Before we answer that question, let’s talk about what RFID is first.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and is primarily used for contactless payments from credit cards.

Hackers have demonstrated over the years how they can easily skim whole credit card numbers using a handheld RFID reader (also known as a RFID skimmer) from a distance without having to be near the person.

That being said, I personally think having a RFID blocking wallet is a good investment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, am I right?

6. HuMn Men’s Mini RFID Blocking Wallet – Vibrant Simplicity at Its Finest

Next up, we have another metal wallet. Apart from money clips, you can’t get a much more minimalist wallet than a couple of metal plates secured by a shock strap. If done poorly, this can spell trouble for your cards’ physical and electronic safety. Luckily, HuMn has delivered a product whose quality doesn’t disappoint.

Even though the design is as basic as can be, lacking even the edges seen with the Ti5, this wallet is still highly functional, and, best of all, cool looking. One of its best features is the wide assortment of colors you can get it in, allowing for individual expression. Both the aluminum and the material the strap is made from are finely worked. Everything has been rounded to fit snugly and safely into your front pocket.

Given its construction and size, you won’t exactly be stuffing this wallet with many different cards. Two or three is the optimum amount that will make using it a smooth experience. They can be secured to the outside of each panel or sandwiched between them, in which case it turns into a fully-functioning RFID blocking wallet capable of protecting your cards from would-be electronic pickpockets.

The bands may be a bit too tight, especially when using more than two or three cards at the same time. This is great for security reasons, but becomes a problem when you’re trying to get a card out and can’t do it properly because of the strap’s pressure.

If you don’t mind paying extra for high-quality American-made products or can get it at a discount, this wallet is a solid solution for the minimalist enthusiast within you. Security, style, and simplicity make it an interesting and attractive option you should definitely keep in mind the next time you need a new wallet.

  • Quality make
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Strap can be too tight
  • Somewhat expensive

7. Billetus Men’s Carbon Fiber Money Clip and RFID Blocking Wallet – A Modern and Flexible Carbon Fiber Wallet

Speaking of wallets made out of fancy materials, how does one made from carbon fiber, ballistic nylon, and titanium sound? Billetus managed to combine all three of these materials into a minimalist wallet that has added strength and capacity, but which is still light and small enough to be a noticeable improvement over a standard-sized bi-fold.

Visually, this is definitely one of the most appealing wallets on this list. Available in a dark blue or badass camo, the ballistic nylon is stitched together very well and its texture allows you to grip the wallet firmly when you’re pulling it out while also keeping it from moving too much inside of your pocket. The money clip is even more attractive, sporting a checkered pattern and rounded look which both add class to the whole thing. Finally, there are a couple of super thin titanium plates set inside of it that offer good RFID protection.

Its layout is more or less standard – there are separate slots for a card each on either side and a bigger inner compartment that can hold up to ten cards, six or seven being the most comfortable. The money clip is a welcome addition to this carbon fiber wallet, expanding its use so that you can carry up to fifty more bills on you at all time without sacrificing convenience. It can be easily removed if you don’t plan on carrying a lot of cash on you without making the wallet as a whole look less cool.

Keep in mind that this wallet will work best if you fill it up with more than just one or two cards and bills. The money clip tends to be quite loose if the wallet itself isn’t full, so you’ll want to have a few extra cards in there to balance things out.

Appearance, security and innovation, all of these make purchasing this wallet a no-brainer. It takes care of your credit cards, all of your cash needs and is secure enough to rely on when it comes to your money’s safety. If you’re looking for peace of mind in a very attractive and useful package, this is the wallet for you.

  • Sturdy and quality materials
  • Useful and attractive money clip
  • RFID protection
  • Needs to be full for the money clip to be tight

8. Trayvax Element Wallet – The Perfect Trayvax Wallet for Your Minimalist Needs

Trayvax is a company that understands their customers. They know that people who go for a minimalist wallet also tend to enjoy active lifestyles. More often than not this involves pushing oneself and one’s gear. That’s why their most famous model, the Element, is built to keep up and look great while doing so.

The Trayvax Element is definitely one of the best rugged looking wallets on the list – it has a stainless steel base which is wrapped with one large piece of tanned leather tailored into a robust and rugged shape. Everything is held together tightly using an unusual but really effective clasp. A number of colors ranging from canyon red to mud black add to its outdoorsy feel and make the wallet more handsome.

There are two sides to this Trayvax wallet. One side keeps all of your credit cards in place. You can hold as many as fifteen in there if you follow the proper procedure and let the leather expand to fit them all in. I personally think this is the best wallet for a lot of credit cards. The top-most card can easily be removed thanks to a thumb hole made in the leather. The hole also allows you to put a form of ID like your driver’s license as the first card so you don’t need to take it out all the time. The second side has a small money clip which can comfortably hold up to five folded bills, more than enough for the needs of your typical minimalist. This side also acts as a bottle opener, but that was the one thing about this wallet that least impressed me.

The clasp’s button rivet can be abrasive to the top-most card in the wallet, meaning that it can damage the chip if it rubs up against it for a while. Make sure that you either put a chipless card in its place or turn a chipped card over in order to avoid this.

Pairing a good layout and top-quality materials with the ability to customize both its appearance and capacity has paid off for Trayvax, and should be reason enough for you to pick one up and not worry about having to replace it for a very long time. The Trayvax wallet is definitely a highly recommended front pocket EDC minimalist wallet for all everyday carry enthusiasts.

  • Superb material quality
  • Customizable capacity
  • Cool and tasteful look
  • Button rivet can damage card chips
  • Bottle opener isn’t up to snuff

9. Andar Leather Card Sleeve – A Good All Around Minimalist Wallet

Since the minimalist approach means getting the most out of the little you’ve got with you, the materials used when making a wallet that represents it need to be absolutely top notch. The people at Andar are well aware of this, going above and beyond when it comes to selecting the materials that make their wallets a delight to both look at and own. This card sleeve wallet is their most recognizable product, and it represents all that they stand for quite nicely.

The wallet is made out of really fine full grain leather, and it shows as soon as you touch it. Like Andar themselves advertise, the level of detail put in is “obsessive. The higher grade leather wears well and will also make the wallet last longer, so you can count on it serving you faithfully for a good while before needing to switch.

A pull tab similar to the one we saw with Bellroy’s model is included too. It visibly speeds up the time needed to take out the one or two cards you use the most, and when you’re done it retracts itself back into the wallet! Even if its elastic wears out, the pull out function still remains perfectly usable.

When it comes to function, this wallet’s superior construction allows a number of cards in three different slots to be held firmly in place. Thin metal plates stitched into the leather act as adequate RFID protection without adding to its weight or bulkiness. It’s actually one of the slimmer leather wallets I’ve come across, and it didn’t cause any discomfort even when worn in a back pocket.

While the pull tab works as it should for items in the central compartment, it presses up against the card inside the outer slot, making it really hard to get that particular card out if the middle compartment is full. Getting rid of some of its contents will fix the problem, but this makes the wallet lose a part of its functionality.

Andar have made a good, solid minimalist wallet with everything you’d expect from one and then some. The quality craftsmanship is visible and endorsed by a generous, totally unconditional warranty. They clearly have absolute confidence in their product, and I’m not too far behind!

  • Fine leather construction
  • Slim but roomy
  • Pull tab can make using cards I the side slot harder

10. Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet – The Best Minimalist Leather Wallet

Last but certainly not least, there’s the front pocket ID wallet created by Saddleback. You might know this online store for their outstanding briefcases and luggage. Well, they’ve expanded their offerings to include wallets among other things, and this one is an interesting minimalist option as well as a worthy addition to the list.

For a leather wallet, it doesn’t try to stand out much. Its design is subtle and reserved, but under that shy exterior it is a well-made accessory that’s built to last, and last… and last. I’ve talked about generous warranties before, but nothing comes close to Saddleback’s 100-year warranty against material and workmanship defects. There’s a real possibility you’ll pass this wallet along to your grandkids someday, and that’s a real plus in my book.

As far as functionality is concerned, the most interesting part of this wallet is its ID slot which is ideal for storing any kind of identification or card you use regularly and don’t want the hassle of having to get it in and out all the time. Other than that, there’s another slot directly behind this one, a slot for cash in the middle and two additional card slots at the back.

Even with so much space available, this is a surprisingly slim wallet you’ll have no trouble carrying either in your breast pocket or in any pants one. Combine that with its light weight, and you have a wallet you’ll likely forget is even there half the time.

The only thing about this wallet I didn’t like so much was the tight grip it has on the cash you store in it. Taking out a single bill if there were more than two inside was frustrating. This won’t be much of an issue if you mostly pay with your smartphone or credit card, but might be a deal breaker for guys who still enjoy paying for most things with hard cash.

This annoyance aside, there’s really something special about Saddleback’s wallet. I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t try to be flashy or over the top but still leaves one with the quiet confidence you can only get from a product built with exceptional care, both for the customer and the wallet itself. I definitely recommend it!

  • Excellent use of materials
  • Practical ID slot
  • 100-year warranty
  • Taking cash out of it can be hard

Minimalist Wallet Buyer’s Guide

By now, you probably noticed that a minimalist wallet is much different from the traditional bi-fold wallets. Even though many of the wallets on our list can hold a great amount of cards, it will definitely affect its form factor. By buying a slimmer sized wallet for yourself, you’re prioritizing what you’re carrying with you every day.

Every one of the wallets on our list will keep your possessions snug and secure, there are a few subtle differences to take note of. Continue reading to find out what factors to be aware of before pulling the trigger on your next wallet.

  • Materials and Quality – This ties in not just with your personal style preferences, but with your everyday carry habits too. As I’ve mentioned a few times in the review section, leather is a superb material but needs to be broken in. More elastic materials are great if you aren’t sure about how many cards you’ll be carrying three months from now, so the option to expand is there. These can wear out after a while which can cause the wallet to become loose. Aluminum and titanium do a nice job of keeping your cards as straight as an arrow with minimal fuss, but if they happen to be colored with a powder coating, this can start to flake after a while and make the wallet look worn out and unattractive. Your best bet here is to consider the pros and cons of each material and go with what best suits your needs and habits.
  • RFID Protection – A selling point of almost every minimalist wallet in this guide is RFID protection. RFID blocking wallets are advertised as an added security measure which can stop attempts of stealing your cards’ information (and hard earned cash) with a subtle tap on the outside of your pocket. RFID protection makes this a thing of the past. On the other hand, not that many credit cards actually operate on the principle anyway, making this feature useless if you know that yours are like that. Still, it is better to err on the side of caution, especially when there are wallets like the 4.0 by Dash Co. that make using cards with a RFID chip and being protected at the same time really easy.
  • Accessibility and Storage – With minimalism as the guiding thought to all of these wallets, some compromises naturally have to be made. Depending on what you hope to get out of the wallet, it will probably come down to having to choose between the number of things you keep in one vs. the ease of accessing each of them. Many of the reviewed wallets boast the ability to store ten different cards or more, but the more full the wallet is, the harder it is for you to get a hold of the things you need from it quickly, even if they’re placed inside a quick-access slot. Leaving more space free allows you to whip out a card or two in no time, but reduces your options even more. Figure out which of the two is more important and make your decision based on that.

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